Clean Start

Monday is always a clean day. The cleaning lady comes on Monday and puts new sheets on my bed. In the morning Lety made me an omelet but it was so strange. It was like a pounded out steak in the omelet. Like not cut up or anything. So kind of funk. But she had dragon fruit sprinkled with sugar. My fave!
Today was the last day of learning in Spanish class. Tuesday was the exam and Wednesday was just a party day. So the whole day we spent reviewing.
I made some pretty doodles in my book. I was not that concerned about Spanish. The grade didn’t go in your gpa and I feel like I knew all of the tenses pretty well.

After the class, I took a much needed siesta before meeting everyone at Starbucks to “study”. We talked and felt yummy. It rained the entire time we were in Starbucks.

The speaker in ecology was mark. I was pretty hard to focus. I got home and tried to study but it was no use. I was so tired.

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