Que estoy haciendo?

Merida, Mexico

Lety y Mi
Today I left for Merida, Mexico. I sat next to an older couple on the plane. They were very nice and told me to be careful. The lady lost her phone in the airport so she was sad. The flight attendant gave them a free glass of wine because of their distress. Upon landing in Houston, I met up with all of the Lombardi’s and we all talked for a while because the plane was delayed. Eventually we boarded the plane and it was empty so we sat together and talked. After going through a lot of security, we finally met up with our families and were whisked away. My Mexico madre was friends with Nik’s madre so we rode in a taxi where we understood close to nothing. Bertilda’s house was nice and we talked about our family while I ate a vegetable salad sandwich. I took a shower but it was of those showers hooked up to electricity. What am I doing!?


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