First Day

Merida, Mexico

The Courtyard at YUADI Downtown Campus Building
This morning I woke up at 6:30. It is like I am back at high school. Lita made me eggs, milk, and exotic fruits. It was yummy but too much. I tried to eat it all but I couldn’t finish the pile of eggs. I felt bad. Then Angel, a nice teenage neighbor took me to school. I rode the bus and it was super hot. We all gathered at the language campus and took the Spanish placement test. All through the test, I felt sad because I had learned all of it before but couldn’t remember it. Eventually, the director of the university came in and gave a presentation on the school. It is a lot smaller than UF but is slowly growing. We ate native food, met Ruth who would travel with us, and headed home. I sat with my family as they ate but I had already eaten. Filipe spoke English so he helped me when I couldn’t figure out a word. He left for his class so I stayed and talked with Lita. At 5, Angel came and picked me up to go to the center. After a very tight bus ride, we arrived and walked around until we found the university. It was super pretty but it was just an administration area. The group met and we walked all around the city. It was so hot we were all melting. We exchanged our currency and saw all of the parks. We went to get yummy cold juice and I got piña colada. So good. Just like the JW. One kid exchanged his currency and got old money that they didn’t accept. But he only lost 5$ in old money. Angel walked me back to the house after another long bus. I had a bean Mexican pizza, talked with Lita, took a cold shower because it was so hot outside.

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