A Full Day

Progreso, Mexico

The day started at 6. With cocoa krispys and successfully taking the bus to the center of Merida, I was excited for the day. We all piled in a small bus with air conditioning. All of the girls sat I. The back and talked the whole time. After passing many deserted buildings, we came to a small farm in Dzitya. They were growing dragon fruits, sheep that looked like goats, and coconuts. It was really pretty but it was super hot and buggy. I brushed up by a plant and it made my ankle red and stingy. I just didn’t touch it and eventually it went away but the bugs didn’t. We got a lovely tour by a profesor who does the farm because he likes it but it was kind of long. Then we hopped back on and rode backwards down a dirt path. We saw our first cenote but it was dirty and small so we could swim. It was right next to a pig farm so we talked about ecology. Then back on the bus with yummy granola bars. We ended up at an old Mayan ruin and cenote called Dzibilchaltun. I love the ruins because you can climb up them which we did. Pictures to follow. They are on my computer. This ruin would later be known as “Block on a Rock” because we were so excited but it is not as amazing as the things to come. The cenote was above ground so it was like a spring but we didn’t swim because we were late to lunch/ dinner. Then we went to the beach and played in the glorious water in Progresso. It was so refreshing.

Eli and Me with flamingos on the side of the road

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