Flamingos in Paradise

Celestun, Mexico

The girl gang on the beach
On our second day of planned adventures, we realized that Mexico is not only no air conditioning and bugs. It is full of fun, flamingos, and cenotes. The early morning was coupled with a long bus ride to the coast. We arrived in an area with cute covered boats and mangroves, Celestun. It was pretty much just like the Florida coast but the boat ride was amazing with the wind blowing in our hair. The first boat stop was at an old salt hacienda. It was abandoned 40 years ago and held 2000 people. It was crazy to see all of the old buildings crumbling down. We jumped back on the boat and floated by a huge flock of flamingos. They  were just eating and flying around. The boat continued onward and suddenly we turned into the tress. It looked like we would crash into the mangroves but we entered a tunnel through all of the trees. It let out by a cenote that looked pretty similar to blue springs. We all jumped into the water and felt cool. After our dip, we got back onto the boat and went to a pretty beach with so many perfect white shells. We spent at least 3 hours in the boat looking around at the birds. We all hopped in the bus and went to the nearby beach. This restaurant was so close to the beach that the floor was sand. The beach was not as pretty as our beaches in Florida because there was trash in the ocean and sand. We found a shark head and fins floating near the front of the beach. The food was ehh but it was really a great location. We arrived back at school pretty early so some of the girls went out to get piña colada juice . We sat in the big park and talked. Then we went over for a sleepovers at Eliana’s. Her host mom and dad were so nice and old.
Post Adventure Juice is my life. 

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