Merida in Domingo

Merida, Mexico

We all woke up in one bed at Eli’s. Our talk had lasted into the night and we all fell asleep. In the morning, we woke up to the sons of church bells ringing. We quickly got dressed and walked right across the street to the church. I loved going to the church. There was a group of teenagers singing and it sounded amazing. I recognized a good portion of the mass even though it was in Spanish. The homily was how the church is universal and I was afraid he would call out the two white people in the room but he didn’t. We all got back from Church and met more people at Chilis. We desperately needed American food and it was the perfect place to watch the game. Mexico vs Netherlands for the World Cup. The whole restaurant was decked out with Mexico and they have everyone noise makers. Mexico scored a goal and the room went crazy! The last 6 minutes the other team got two goals and the room went silent. A guy got up and sat on the street corner. He came back five minutes later with pink eyes. The whole restaurant emptied out super quick except for us. A long time later they finally came back with our bill. We went to an ATM together and then hopped on the bus to the downtown for the Merida in Domingo Market in the Main Square. The whole plaza was covered in little stands selling shirts, necklaces and other tourist things. I bought a key chain but I had to bargain for it. All of the stands had close to the same things. We stopped by the juice store and all had piña coladas. I was the last one to get it and the man said they were out of the small cups so I just got a big one but then he went to the back and got more small cups. He said he was trying to explain it to me but it was too late, I already had drank a quarter of the big cup. I couldn’t finish the big piña colada. After meandering around the square we finally ran into the boys. They watched the game in a bar and they said when Mexico scored a point, a man bought drinks for the entire restaurant. We all talked more and all made our way back to Eliana’s house where we picked up our stuff and went home.

Long walk to Dzibilchaltun (from previous day)

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