School Sadness

Merida, Mexico

Back to school for three days! Yay! Jokes. School is so boring. Spanish for four hours and ecology presentations for two hours. In Spanish we played guess who using preterite tense. Four hours later, we finally got out of class. We all hopped on the bus to go home. On the way Madison convinced me to go to Starbucks with her so she could get wifi. It was right next to her house so we went with Austin. I got a strawberry frappe with fresh whipped cream. After Austin left, I went to the bathroom while Madison was watching my bags. When I came back, Madison was chatting it up with some random guy. I was like “I have to take the bus home now…” Madison gave me the death glare and I sat down. This guy had a Spanish southern accent because he went to boarding school. After talking with the rando, he got our numbers and then I dragged Madison away. I made my way back home, worked on Spanish preterite vs imperfect and then went back to school downtown. We had a professor talk to us about beach ecology and then my group met to talk about our project. I am with Ariana and Mihael. After each field trip, we are required to present 10 photos and talk about them. We worked on our project in a pretty plaza and then went to the juice place. I waited for my bus forever but there was this nice lady waiting with me so it all worked out fine!

Starbuck Merida Mug for Aunt Cathies Collection

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