Life’s a Happy Song

Merida, Mexico

6-01 Got a student ID!

So waking up in the morning for Spanish is always a struggle but today it wasn’t that bad! Spanish class was actually fun today. We talked to the teacher about his life (he used to work on a cruise ship and then as a teacher in London) and we sang songs in Spanish. Regresa a Mi was my favorite. After class we all went to the mall for subway and browsing. I made the trek back home and looked up things for my project during siesta time. I was early to ecology class but it was cool because there was a nurse graduation at the school. They wore white with the little hats just like a costume. Our presentation was perfect, not too long or too short.  Most of the Lombardis met for pizza and Madison met with Luis. I moved rooms and now I have air conditioning! I feel so fresh and not hot! I have never been so excited! 

Tried Mexico Coke! Yum cane sugar!

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