Going Under

Merida to Ticul, Mexico

Madi Descending into Hat Weaving Cave
Our first multiple day excursion started out with a lang walk with a heavy bag to the bus stop. Eventually we all hopped on our lovely air-conditioned bus. Someone plugged in their iPods and we were lulled into a light sleep. We arrived at a small shack/farm in Helacho or Mani or Oxkintok. There was a cute little family. The one little boy looked white so they joked that it was Marks  child. The old grandma had a table full of leaves and she went through at least thirty plants and explained their medicinal purposes in Spanish and Mayan. They showed us their little hut and all of these people came out of nowhere. They also farmed honey from sting-less bees. They let us all try the honey on a fried churro thing. The family from the farm came with us on a picnic. We all ate turkey sandwiches and played on a fun playground that probably gave us all tetanus. It had a high seesaw and everything but there were bugs everywhere. We joined the family at a women’s Shelter where they made paper goods. The money went to the women and children in the community and it totally reminded me of peace jam. We dropped off the nice farm family while the whole bus sang to Disney songs in the rain. The randomly stopped the bus for all of us to enter into what looked like an open grave with steps leading down. At the bottom was a bunch of ladies weaving hats because of the cool humid air in the cave. A walk down the street and we went to a place where they had a few hats to sell. We thought the day was coming to an end but little did we know the best was yet to come! We climbed up sketchy bumpy roads to the top of a mountain. We had to pee in the bushes. Everyone got out there flashlights and I gave out glow sticks for the cave. It was a giant hole in the ground with a rickety metal ladder on the side. We all climbed. Down one by one and no one fell. It was an amazing cave called Calcehtok. There were still clay pots all around the cave. We waited for all the bats to come out and there were a crazy number of bats! They lasted at least five mins. It was pretty late by then but we still had to drive to dinner and the hotel. Dinner was outdoors so full of bugs. They landed on everything and everyone but they didn’t hurt that bad. They just sounded scary whizzing past out ears we arrived at the hotel at eleven and all sunk into our beds in Ticul.

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