Let it Rain

The hotel had a pretty hard bed but it had a really yummy breakfast! Quesadillas with cheese and ham and a bread with beans. Everything  was super yummy. It was the Fourth of July so when we got on the bus in the morning we played American songs and we all sang American Pie. Everyone was feeling good even if no one had “Proud to be an American” on their phone. Our first stop of the day was a group of ruins. There were lots of school groups dressed in white shirts and jeans. They looked hot compared to our tank tops and athletic shorts. It wasn’t really tall pyramids but more like intricate long houses with one kind of pyramid in the middle.

We all had a blast taking photos and everyone tried to teach me how to cartwheel. All of the doors where blocked off with nets but in one we found a pretty little bird and it’s dead friend so we opened up the net so they could escape the dark room.

They had cool vines hanging everywhere so we all climbed on then. Paul and Nik climbed to the top with just their upper body. I just hung upside down.
We all hopped back in the bus and were lulled into a sleep. We woke up to a “reservation” but we quickly learned it was a bad smelly zoo that would not be allowed in the US. It was the first time Mark had taken a group there. They had all of the animals in tiny cages. The Oscelot was pacing around and they let Ruth go in the cage with him. Then he started biting the owner and Ruth managed to escape. Ariana kept taking pictures and then the Oscelot looked like it was going to lay down but instead it peed all over her. Very disturbing. She cleaned herself up while we saw a puma, a gator and wierd pigs. They all had nearly enough room to lay out. After the sad zoo, we went to Uxmal which was a large city way back when. It was the first super tourist place we had been. They had a nice entry area with shops and clean bathrooms. It opened up to a large pyramid and we thought that was it but the large ruins just kept coming. Madison did a flip in front of it.

It was actually huge and there were so many ruins that they had an area marked off for research still.

We reached another large pyramid and they let is climb up it! It took forever but worth it! We took a photo at the bottom and one at the top so we ” started at the bottom and here we are now”.

At the top we saw the rain coming so we had to make our way down.
The rain started pouring down so we took refuge in the fertility statues awning. The rain felt really good. We made our way back to the hotel early so we all got dressed up with red lips. We all went to a pizza place where they used wonky sauce.

Then all of the girls and Schilley went to get ice cream right by our hotel. With our treats we walked to the town square where we heard a really bad group of trumpeters practicing. After they left, we all jumped on the stage and a dances to music on our phones.

A little girl came and tried to film the crazy Americans singing and dancing. Then the boys called us to meet them at a karaoke bar. We all got excited to sing more but we where tricked. It was a wierd disco place without karaoke. We danced to a few songs and then went back to our room to talk. It was all girl talk until Austin came back. He joined our group as the real talkers.

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