Classic Domingo

Merida, Mexico

Today we went to the cathedral for mass in the morning. It started at 11 so I finally got to sleep in a bit. They didn’t process in or out at the church because it was so big. It was hard to understand too because there was a huge echo. It was super pretty though.
Merida Cathedral
There were floor fans all over the church but it was still hot. Eliana is my church buddy.
Church Buddies. Me and Eli
After church, we got juice and went shopping. We got all of the goods; a Mexican wrestler mask, a Mexico soccer jersey, and hot sauce.

Merida in Domingo in Plaza Grande
All if the girls met all of the guys at a pretty restaurant with a cool patio and garden. I had panchutos which was basically an open faced taco. The check came and there was a little fight because people don’t know how to add and Madison was angry they that they didn’t trust her math. But it was really pretty so we all had a great time.
We love a pretty patio
After lunch I went shopping with Madison because she missed the first round of shopping. I was hot, tired and had already visited the shops so I was kind of done with it but then she got juice so I was happy.
Pina Colada Juice (the lifeline)
I got home fairly early because I had to prepare for a Spanish presentation on preterite and imperfect. Thank you Señora Gonzalez for all that hard work early this year at Trinity! I made a spotify playlist of a bunch of Spanish songs that our teacher recommended but I ended up listening to Anna’s “Best Playlist Ever”. At least I tried his Spanish music. Our tastes must be different because he only Juanes song he picked wasn’t even good.

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