Day of New People

Merida, Mexico

I had to wake up early this morning because all of my stuff was everywhere and last night I didn’t have the energy to fix it and pack my things for the next day. After organizing myself in the morning, I had cocoa pebbles, grapes and strawberries. I met Megan and Eli on the bus. Today was the day of our bug Spanish presentations. Everything went fine and it was very chill. We played a game after the presentations called Basta! We would conjugate as many verbs until someone yelled out Basta! When they completed a row. Then we would check our answers and earn points.

UF 18 
We all wore the same shirt today because we all are running out of clean clothing.

After a not so bad Spanish class, I came home to a day full of people. The cleaning lady was there alone when I came home. She comes every Monday and changes the sheets and everything. 30 mins later Lety came in with her sister in law. They had come back from the super market. They made me a lemon chicken soup topped with the cruchies you get at a Chinese restaurant. It was yummy ish. They all at pork tacos. I don’t know why they all ate something different. I talked with then for a while and then went to my room to siesta when the doorbell rang. It was a mom a little boy and his older sister. I thought they were taking me to the laundry place but it turns out the 14 year old boy will stay with Lety in August to go to the university of the Yucatan secondary school. She gave them a tour of the house and everything was clean. After they left, she called Angel to show me where the laundry place was. It turns out it is super close but I talked to Angel. It is his birthday Wednesday and so we talked about birthdays. He said he was going to have a cake and see transformers. I said I would be on a trip and my friends where planning on a surprise. I will have to pick up my clean clothing tomorrow at 3. I had some time to settle down before class so I caught up on my internet. I tried to get a video to stream but it wasn’t fast enough. In ecology, we learned about the lakes. After the class, Ariana and I got chocolate covered bananas and sat in the park for a little bit before catching the bus home.

Bananas in Plaza Grande
At home, Lety was frying away. She made tositdos with potatoes on the inside with cheese and tomatoes. She told me a story about one of her past student guests. She wasn’t from our program. She cried every day and missed school because she missed her boyfriend. After nine days she went back home because she couldn’t handle it.
Lety’s Home Cooking
When I went to my room, the air didn’t work! After my moment of freak out, I called Lety and she reset something in the house until I heard that beautiful beep of the air conditioning.

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