Chocolate Goodness

Merida, Mexico

It started and ended the day with some yummy chocolate. The morning started with some yummy Cocoa Krispys. I could hear the snap crackle and pop in my mouth. I also had dragon fruit ( my new fav snack). I was really bad at waking up this morning so I had to leave breakfast earlier than normal to fix my room. The bus in the morning was one of the nice air conditioned ones that are slow but worth it. At school, we all gathered and talked for a bit before heading off to class. Our first activity was karaoke but it was awkward and lonely. We all picked a song earlier in the week and were supposed to learn it but it was hard. My song was by Juanes pretty fun stuff. After the fourth Spanish song, they all sounded alike. After our songs, we took a class photo with everyone in the program. Then we did a short lesson and played the balloon game.

Balloon King Austin
We all had to write questions, stuff then in a balloon and then tie it onto our feet.
We had a poppin time
Then our teacher would tell us to go and we would try to step on each others balloons. If yours popped, you had to read he question and answer it.
We wore closed toed shoes for a reason
Basically a lot of effort for a little task but it was super fun! There is one lady in our class who wear the hijab and a long skirt so it was really hard to pop her balloons. There is also one cute Korean girl and the there are four other Lombardis. The class is big because it is Intermediate Spanish. All of the other classes only have 3 people max. After class, the girls and Austin went downtown for a fun lunch. We had cokes, chips and salsa at one restaurant. It was eh so we waited for somewhere better to eat. It looked like they were trying to be señor frogs but it was a little to sketch for all of our tastes.
Coke and chips at fake senor frogs
We wanted to eat during the game at 3 so we went to a free museum to pass the time. It was the Museum of the City of Merida. There was one floor of history and then the rest of art. We tried to get a pic lined up wearing crowns but it didn’t quite work out.
Museum of the City of Merida Queen
They had the classic white chair that are all around the many parks. The interesting fact was that there once was a large portion of Asian immigrants in Merida. I thought that was neat to read about but it was in Spanish so we only got bits and pieces.
Plaza Grande Iconic Merida Chairs 
The art was a little funky but pretty fun!
Megan replicates art
Funky Art and Madi
Going down the staircase I rolled on my ankle so I had to sit down a bit while everyone acted like they were in jail but in under a minute, I was back up and my ankle was fine. It feels a bit funky when I move it one way but it doesn’t hurt so yay!
Caught in the gates
At 3, we met Mihael at a cute restaurant. We all split nachos and watched the enitre Argentina vs Netherlands soccer game. No one scored so it wasn’t that interesting.
Watching the World Cup Downtown
We had to move quick to ecology but it took a while for then to open our class room door. The talk was by an anthropology professor about the Mayan culture. It was I Spanish so I struggled to stay awake for the first 30 mins until it got interesting. Then he started talking about the Mayan celebrations and ceremonies so it was pretty cool. After class, Madison Ariana and I went to this amazing chi locate place. We got three desserts and split them. We didn’t feel bad because we never actually ate a real meal. This was my favorite. A chocolate raspberry Mayan pyramid lava cake. So good.
Chocolate Pyramid in St. Lucia Square
After dessert, I found my way to the bus and home without any trouble. I really feel a lot better about getting around the city now. When I got home, Lety was a friends house so I had the home to myself. I took a long shower and listened to music. The water pressure is so low that I put on music in my room and I jammed along in the shower. I packed for the long trip this weekend and found a way to watch big brother. I also finally posted some photos to facebook. Very successful!

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