Good Eats

This morning, like every morning, I had a hard time waking up. I was a little late to breakfast of eggs, salsa, dragon fruit and bread. We rode with our teacher on the bus I the morning. He was looking pretty cool I his aviators, jeans, leather shoes and watch. He lives in Progresso so I don’t know what he was doing on our bus. At school, we spent the day working in questions in Spanish. We played a fun game where one person leaves the room while everyone comes up with an illness like we can’t speak or we can only answer a question with two words. Then they come back in and ask questions while trying to figure out what we were doing different. It was pretty fun. Then we played Basta again only with animal words so it was hard. I pretty much just know dog and cat. After Spanish, all of the girls went to Starbucks.
I had a chocolate frapaccino and it wasn’t that good. Madi and Megan like to go to Starbucks for the wifi because they don’t have it in their house. We talked and prepared for our ecology presentations. I came home an hour later for lunch. It was fried chicken/pork and rice and beans.
And of course, I had the yummy hibiscus drink. It is pretty and sweet.

After lunch, I had to walk to the laundry place to pick up what I had dropped off yesterday. As I was waking towards the shop, I saw police lights and was afraid. It turns out it was just a group of police men having a picnic in the back of their trunk. I just picked my things up, all clean and folded and made the trek back to the house.

I was able to finish up my research on ants (the female ants are the worker ants) before hopping on the bus. Today we were meeting in a different building but I got off at the same stop I normally do downtown so I had to walk a little bit. On the way I saw Mihael just sitting in some random ice cream shop watching the end of the World Cup. We watched the last 5 mins and walked to class together. In ecology, we all had mostly the same photos from the trip. After ecology, we all went to panchos and got piña colada with strawberry on top.
We all wanted to go out but it was looking stormy so Eli and Ariana left. I stayed out with madi Megan nick and paul. We walked to another restaurant but it started pouring rain. So we all ran through the streets alone getting soaked. We made it to the restaurant and it was so good! It was a yummy Italian place.
I got a yummy pizza. I loved the garden the had in the center because we saw the rain fall down even harder.
It was 9:30 by the item we got out of there so we took a taxi home. At firsts we could find a taxi because they all were full from people trying to escape from the rain. Eventually we managed to flag one down.

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