Azul Beach and Verde Forest

Puerto Morales, Mexico

We all gathered for a long bus ride really I the morning. Marc had a newspaper so while we waited for the late ones, we got to hear of some of the things that are happening in the world. The bus rude was three hours long. We started off playing Life on Ariana’s nook. I won the most money! We were in the middle of nowhere when suddenly we saw all if these fancy hotels and bits of perfect beach. We had reached Cancun! We convinced Marc to let us out of the bus for a second to look and we ran to the ocean.
Beautiful beach in Cancun 
The sand feels like it covering your sink and it actually turns you white from the calcium. The water was beautiful. Prettier than the Bahamas.
Everyone dipped their feet in the water
We were only allowed to stay for ten minutes but we already felt pretty burnt.
What a view! A quick bus stop. 
We hopped back on the bus and ended up at a botanical garden (a bit more than that we would realize). Jardín Botanico Dr. Alfredo Barrera Marín in Puerto Morelos. We had sandwiches. I was pretty good. It looked like a nice park with paved roads and a cute picnic area so we were excited to escape from the deep jungle walks. Little did we know.
Botanical Walk in Jardín Botanico Dr. Alfredo Barrera Marín
We walked through a little stage and then a old Mayan hut. There was a sheath with a sword and Nik tried out the blade.
Nik with a knife
We all were super hot but we knew the beach was coming so we were excited. We took a bunch of photos and tried to get in each others photos because we have a photo competition. Each Tuesday after a trip each group has to give a presentation with the best photos.
Got to love a sweaty hike with the best
My group is Ariana and Mihael. We win every time because Ariana has a really nice new camera. We walked on the trail for a while and then we turned of the road and came to a tall tower. We went up two at a time.
Walking above the canopy
At the top of the platform, we saw a cool bridge for another platform. It was pretty rickety but it didn’t break!
Iconic Madi photo across a bridge
After one more air bridge over the forest we came to the final platform.
Austin peeps his head above the canopy
It was really pretty at the top and we could see the mangroves.
It was worth the shaky stairs up and down.
Shaky platform
We were at the garden for at least two hours and then we drove to the fancy hotel. Our hotel was called the Bel Air Collection Resort & Spa Riviera Maya. It was a zoo/ hotel. They had lions and tigers and pumas at the entrance. It was really nice but the Marriott is better. It was just off.
Fancy Lobby at hotel
They took us in a cart to the room. The ceiling was tiki hut so it shed on the bed. There was no comforter and I slept with room. We all got ready and cute. I wore my funky pants.
Tejons around two rooms in a hut
We all looked super cute. There was a buffet that was halfway decent. Not really my thing. We walked out to the beach and it was pretty and dark. There were raccoons and everyone liked looking at it was not cute.
Looking cute for dinner
After dinner, we went to the karaoke bar. A actual karaoke. We started the night with girls just want to have fun and then we went for dancing queen.
Dancing Queen (Only 17)
It was pretty fun. We danced and sanged and it was super fun. ‘Twas the night before my birthday and all was so fun. Everyone was moving and tan from the sun.

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