Chillin at Chichen

Today was the day. We were to see chichen itza, one of the new seven wonders of the world. We had to start off with a yummy breakfast. It was at the same place as dinner. They gave us rolls and real butter. It was crazy. Then we went for ham and cheese omelet. Nom nom nom. We hopped on the bus and felt super pumped. We stopped first at jail. Apparently the jail is the best place to buy a hammock. They had them in all different colors and you could feel the quality but they were 850 pesos! That is real money. Mark told us not to worry. There will be cheaper hammocks in the future.

You could tell we were nearing chichen itza because there were so many tourist. It felt like we were in the middle of universal. People where dressed up in Mayan garb waiting for photos and vendors were madly yelling out their goods. We had to hold on to each other so we wouldn’t get lost. After traveling though a maze of lines, we broke through. It was just a big and pretty as you imagine. It was kind of crazy that people built that without a wheel or horses.

Mark knew all about it because his wife studies the Mayan culture. She wrote a book on Mayan calendars and everything.

We all got lots of photos. This is the other two stamps scholars.

The ruins were not surrounded by trees like all of the other ruins so the sun was beating down on us. Chichen itza is much more than just that big pyramid so it was really neat to see the rest.

They even had a bunch of columns. Unexpected but true. They had snakes carved into everything. They even had an eagle eating a heart and over 200 skulls carved into this one building.

We did not miss this photo opportunity.

So many cute photos

Honestly, we were hams.
I loved seeing the observatory. It looked like the ones just by Ucf. It was round and facing the sky. It was crazy how they figured all this stuff out.
Everything was super ornate. Most of it was reconstructed. We even saw one area of chichen itza that was still a place of research.

We left the crowds and took a short ride to a Cenote. It was just like you would think. The whole in the earth filled with clear deep water and roots coming down from the rocks. We all grabbed a life jacket and walked up to lunch. There was a tiki hut with nice tables that overlooked the Cenote. The set up made it seem like we were on the bachelor. We ordered and walked down a rocky path to the dinky dock. A few years ago one of the Lombardis fell through the dock! Que oso! ( how embarrassing in Spanish)

We all jumped in. It was actually really scary because  we couldn’t see the bottom. I was freakkng out but it was so neat. A few of the boys went into the cave and I was freaked out even more. There were little fish swimming with us. Paul wanted to climb on the roots but mark had to yell at him. If you climb on the roots, the rocks will be dislodged and fall ontop. It was cold water so I had to get out eventually. We looked up and saw a grey sky. We all just had time to get under the tiki before the rain came pouring down. It was worse than before and there was lightning. Kind of crazy. We slipped on the bus between the storms and made the long haul back (2.5 hours). We saw a pretty rainbow behind us.
We actually made it back to merida at a decent time so I made it to church with time to spare. I had time to eat ice cream bad talk for a long while. I walked over the the church I found online and it was closed. The times on the website did not match the real life. I was super sad. We kept on walking and what do you know but a really pretty church like three blocks away has just started mass. I slipped in carrying all of my bags and a pillow pet. There was an old lady in a muumuu dress and I thought it was granny and got excited. I must have been pretty tired.

After the pretty church, I made my way back to the bus stop at like 7:30. It was still light.

I watched the sun set on one of the plazas as I walked by.

I sat at the bus stop and waited for a little bit. I waited for 40 minutes before I asked a nice American couple what the deal was. They had been waiting for an hour for the same bus so they called the bus guy. He said the bus didn’t run past seven on Sundays. Joy. I was alone with all of my stuff feeling like a lost puppy. I stood up and madly flapped my hands for a taxi. One came up and I checked the guy out. He looked normal and the ride would only be fourty pesos. He drove super fast but I was worried the whole time. He was at the light and sent a text. I thought it was all over. The guy looked nice and was listening to good music but I thought he was contacting his robber friends to come get me. I recognized where we were and I was close to home. I gave him a look that said I knew what he was doing. He dropped me off right at my house and was super nice. Buenos noches. I felt bad for judging him but I still don’t want to take a taxi again

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