Birthday Madness

Tulum, Mexico

All of the girls woke up at 5:45 to watch the sunrise over the ocean. It was super pretty and really early in the morning. We were planning on doing morning yoga but honestly we couldn’t even get out of our pajamas.
Sunrise at our resort
Waking up early for the sunrise
There were little sharks in the water and we could see their tail fins. Eventually we all walked back to our rooms. I stayed with Madison and Ariana and napped with them for a half hour before I had to get ready. By the time I was walking to my room, mark was outside waiting for us all. I quickly got dressed and made it to breakfast. We ate at the same place we did for dinner but it was a breakfast Buffett.
Birthday Suprise
When I came to the table, the girls had decorated it with glitter a cute card and a present! They got me a sports bra because I needed one for the trip and a sparkle crown!
Birthday Banner
They also put a birthday banner on me. It was adorable and I loved it! After our yummy breakfast, we got on our swim suits and headed out to the beach. We went to the beautiful blue waters of Akumal. We all gathered round to watch a snorkeling video. I went out with the first group. It was unlike the snorkeling in the Bahamas even though it was the the same ocean. There was clear water sand and sea grass. Perfect for sea turtles! We saw turtles and stingrays and then we went out a bit further and found some reef with fish. It was all pretty and a nice temperature. Paul kept wanting to talk off his life jacket to dive and go pro but we were not into that. Follow the rules and protect the reef. We eventually went back in for the second group to go. While we waited for the other group, we snaked on cookies and lounged by the water. We also found a pretty mermaid rock and took pictures.
All of the girls
We all came back in except for Schilley and roger because roger was trying to teach Schilley how to swim. It blows my mind that he can’t swim but still isn’t afraid of the water. We went back to the hotel for lunch. The same buffet but still decent. I went to the bathroom and when I came out the girls had flowers wrapped in newspaper. I mentioned in the city I want a boy to bring me fresh flowers wrapped in paper and so they did for my birthday. I felt so loved.
Flowers in new paper. My big city dream
They had cake at the buffet so I had two slices and then once everyone finished eating, guess what came out! Birthday cake. It was yummy chocolate cake with fresh strawberries (hard to come by in these parts). Everyone sang and mark gave me a cute shirt that says cenote.
Birthday Cake
After our birthday treat, we went outside on the water slide. It was for babies but we all played on it for a while.
Resort Slide
We didn’t have much time to dry off before we had to jump in the car and move on to Tulum. We all left on our flip flops and went to the ruins( big mistake on the shoe front).
Getting some shade in Tulum
This was the place everyone has on their computer screen. The Mayan ruins with the amazing ocean.
Tulum was amazing.
Honestly the best
I almost died from the pretty. Best birthday ever.
Birthday Buddies for life
And the next day was Mihael’s  birthday so it was full of birthday spirit.
Me, Madi, and Nik in Tulum
We stayed until it closed and then we got on the bus to Coba. It was dark when we got there. Our hotel was a few steps down from the night before. There were two beds air conditioning but no wifi. We ate dinner in the restaurant above the hotel.  I had chicken fajitas. While we were waiting for our food, we played cards. Kemps, BS, and hearts. Mark did a magic trick where he guessed my card. He said it only worked on 18 year old. After our dinner, we went on a night walk around the lake. The lake looked like Florida lakes in the city but there was more trash. We saw a bunch of frogs and Mark tried to catch them all. We flash our light on them to see their eyes. Lots of frogs and gators.
Frogs in Coba 
Nik went on a sketchy dock before we yelled at him to get off before he fell though.
Gators in Mexico (on the dock and in the water)

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