So Tejon

Coba, Mexico

Even though my birthday was over, we did not stop celebrating because the day after my birthday was Mihael’s Birthday. We both turned 18 together. In the morning, we all got up and had breakfast at the same place we had dinner the night before. I had frosted flakes with bananas. It was really good and refreshing. We all bug sprayed up and went in the bus. We were in the bus for not even five minutes when we got out to go to Coba. We actually passed Coba on our walk the night before. At the entrance, there was a huge pit of these guys with a bench attached to their bike. I thought it was weird but now I understand. There was a solid 30 minute walk to the ruins. It wasn’t too bad because we were cool-ish in the forest. On the way we saw a little bird. It couldn’t fly and was sad. We saw the mom above us. We all kept our distance but Ruth (the UADY girl) picked it up and held it. We all flipped out. We all learned never to touch babies because then the mom won’t save them. 
The baby bird scandal 
We were all mourning the little birds imminent death until we came up to the pyramid. It was one of the ones we could climb. So all excited we went up.
Birthday boy ready to climb
It was so hard to climb. It is not even so you have to be careful. Madison and I were dying. It was so hot. By the time we got up there we had to sit down.
Long way up Coba
But the view was really pretty. You could see the tip of another temple and the lake and forest.
Climbing Coba with big steps
At the top there is a little house where the rich people lived. They would have their servants run up and down when they needed something. Right next to the little house there was an amazing breeze.
Up at the top with Madi
We stayed at the top for a while because we didn’t want to hike back down.
What a view in Coba
Eventually we had to go down. As we were climbing down a bunch of people came up because we were there pretty early. This was the best ruin that we climbed. I loved the rope in the middle.
Mihael and his ladies
We cheered on people that were climbing their way up. I felt their pain and said “You are almost to the top!” But they still had a painful hike ahead.
Smaller Maya Ruin at Coba
As we made our way out of the ruins, we felt something brewing in the air. Suddenly, a downpour of rain in the sun. We hid underneath a tall zip lining tower. They sold zip lines across the ancient Mayan lake Coba. We all remained dry and got on the bus. We drove some way and reached Punta Lagoona. We had a nice picnic. The bus driver made fresh guacamole and I put some on my turkey sandwich. Then we saw more rain role in. We decided to wait it out in this weird little tiki hut. In the pouring rain this scary skinny dog came out. It was so sad and I don’t know how it was living. Mark gave it bread and it looked so pitiful but I did not go near it. It probably had so many diseases. So sad but so true.
Lake at Punta Launa
Eventually it was only a slight drizzle, so we went on a hike through the dry forest (that was very much a rain forest if you ask me). It was part of the spider monkey reserve. Our guide took us around for a while until he found some monkeys. He has been at the reservation for 18 years and he isn’t a biologist or anything. He can tell the monkeys apart by their noises and their face. They were pretty high up there. In the distance we heard holler monkeys. They sounded like the Tardis. As we walked around, there was so much moisture in the air that we came back drenched. It looked like we had just gotten swimming. So we went swimming in the lake. It was really pretty but still kind of freaky. I did not touch the bottom but I jumped in with all of the girls. We got out when we saw more clouds move in. By the time, we gathered our things it was pouring really hard. We had to walk to the bus in the rain. We were pretty wet and cold on the bus so we distracted ourselves with heads up. It was still light when we arrived at our hotel in the second largest city in the Yucatan, Valladolid. This was finally a hotel that felt nice. The other one was cool but this was was actually nice. It is like comparing wet and wild to typhoon lagoon.
Cleanest Hotel Room
There was a pretty pool but by the time we were ready it was raining again. I took a hot shower and we all got cute.
The amazing pool in the hotel
We went to dinner at the restaurant in he hotel but it was really cute and nice. I had this delicious pork banana leaf thing. Then they came out with cake and we all sang for Mihael. After dinner Mihael wanted to go out so we all came with him.
Mihael in his birthday shirt
The town is basically a little Merida. They had a cute square and cathedral just like Merida.
We love a square
We didn’t stay out with Mihael because he wanted to go to some club but Madison and I walked around the park.
Merida chairs spotted
The park had these little statues of tejons everywhere. In our group, we have a little joke about tejons. They are like little red panda raccoons. Whenever something is laid back and cool, it is tejon. So tejon.
Madi with fake tejon

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