Life Without

I woke up in the morning to a stuffy dark room. Apparently, there was a big storm that knocked out all of the power. Not what I am into. We ate breakfast with candles

I ran off to Spanish for air conditioning but we had an exam that took the whole four hours. It was kind of hard. I made my way home and took a quick siesta.

The air and wifi didn’t work still. I called Eliana and took a bus to her house. No ac but fans and wifi. She has better wifi than me because she can stream netflix. We both watched Easy A together before heading off to school. Eli had to stop by the bank so I made a quick piña colada run. We were still late to class but the piña coladas did not make us late. We had our presentations during class and it went fine. After class, the whole group went out for dinner. We had salsa, chips, bread and sopa de lima. It was pretty good. After dinner, we went to the place next door for banana split. I love ice cream but this was not prime. There were no nuts and powdered sugar sprinkled on top but it was still ice cream. After ice cream we all made our way to the buses.
It was 30 mins to 9 so I wasn’t worried about the bus but I waited for 40 minutes. I was like what is up!? I asked the bus guy and he said the next bus wasn’t coming until 10:30. So I called up Megan and Nik who went out. I met them at a funky German bar. They were leaving before 10:30 so it worked out if we took a taxi together. When I got back home, the wifi was working!

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