School’s Out for Summer

Merida, Mexico

Our last day of Spanish class! The day started with the best cocoa crispies and grapes. I caught the bus in the morning and I met Eli and Megan on the bus. We got to school and it was locked! The teachers were at the front. Apparently, the last day of school for every one else was the day before. The security guard opened the garage and let us all in through the parking lot. In class, out teacher showed us our grade. I got a 97 on the exam! I was like boo ya! Everyone else was not to pleased with their scores. I was like thank you Señora Gonzalez! After we reviewed the exam, he pulled aside others to let them do extra credit so Eli, Schiley, and I went to the other levels class and watched a part of a movie with them. Then we went back to our class and played Mexican bingo.
It was super cute! It was called lotteria. Our teacher would play it with his whole neighborhood. Then we went outside and all picked up sticks. Then we laid them against the wall and threw a ball and Tried to knock them down. If your stick was knocked down, you had to grab the ball and throw it to someone else. It was another of the Mexican games our teacher played when he was little.
Stick game
We also played around the world. We all picked a country. We all put our feet in the center and then one person called out a country and we all ran except for the person who’s country was called. They yelled stop and we all froze where we were the the person whose country was called picked someone close and guessed the number of steps it would take to get to them. If they reached you, you were out.
Shoe game
We said good by to our teacher and he let us out early.
Goodbye classroom
After our last class, we all got home and I had a yummy lunch. Lety gave me a frozen twinkie and I was pretty excited. I met up with madi and we went to the UADY store where I bought a cute shirt and mug.
Reppin at the UADY store
Then we all went to the chocolate place. It was yummy but not the same as the first time because there was a mean lady.
St. Lucia Plaza. The best.  
The ecology class was actually kind of fun because we learned about stuff we learned about in AP Enviro. After class, we went outside and there was a festival or something going on in the church next door. I think there was a bishop visiting or something.
Peep at festival
Madi and I were walking to our bus stop and we saw a pretty hotel.
Fancy Hotel
So nice. I wish we were staying there. We went outside and then we saw a storm a brewing. The wind was pelting us with sand and a sign post flew at us so we went to the cute Italian restaurant, La Tratto. Then the rain started to pour down. We were glad we stopped to look at the pretty hotel because if we went straight to the buses, we would be walking home in the rain. We sat and had bread, so much bread.
Bread at La Tratto
Madi had a wine/sprite drink and we shared ravioli and pizza. It was the best meal I have had in a while. We stayed until the rain cleared up. I was 9 so I was worried about the bus but I walked up and the bus was right there. Perfect food, perfect night.

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