Salty Dog

Our last excursion started out with a hot bus. Normally, we ride in a nice air conditioned bus. For this trip, we had a smaller fan bus. We were kind of bumbed but we managed to get good seats not in the back. We had two visitors on our excursion, Nicolas and Laura. Nicolas was a UADY student and traveled with the Lombardis last year and Laura was a professor friend of Marc’s. We all hopped on the hot bus and buckled down for a long ride. Normally the ride was two hours but it was three and a half for us because the road was under construction. I was feeling sick in the morning so I took a Benadry. I went straight to sleep on the bus. I tried to play monopoly on Ari’s phone but I couldn’t stay up. We managed to get to our first stop on our way to ria lagartos. It was a small ruin. There was an adorable puppy at the ticket area. I didn’t touch it but it was the cutest thing ever!
The ruins were pretty but after chichen itza we were jaded. It wasn’t that big. There was a cool maze area and an old well that was still full. We were able to climb on everything so everyone did. The sun beat down hard on us so we retreated to the bus.

We rode along in the little bus for only a short amount of time before we went to the coconut place. They had everything you can imagine about coconuts. Candy, pie, drinks. Marc bought us all a coconut and the man just cut it open and popped in a straw. I was not a fan of the off tasting juice but I still drank most of it. I was feeling a bit under the weather. Then they opened up the coconut and took out all of the meat for us to try. Mine was young so it was more jelly less meat.

It was still pretty exciting. The long and winding road kept on going. We stopped at a random town for lunch. We made sandwiches in the park. They had seesaw and everything. I had to pee so roger pointed me towards a health building. It turned out to be a women’s health center but it was the only place with “nice” bathrooms. The lady there was a graduate student from UADY. She was doing her community out reach portion of her doctor career. She was cooking when we came in so she let us try some of her cooked deer. It was kind of funk but she was super nice.

After lunch we went for a long drive. We ended up next to huge piles of salt.

It looked like snow.
They were storing the salt and we weren’t supposed to get that close so we had to run back in the bus when we saw a service vehicle come by. Marc stopped us at a salt pond from where they got everything. It was a pink pond from a bacteria that was super salty. The edge of the pond was hard salt crystals.
The water was so pink! We took a bunch of photos in the cool pink reflection.

After the cool salt pond, we walked across the street to the beach to all watch the sun set. There was no place to change so we couldn’t get in the water but we walked around the beach and found things. Mihael found a deer bone leg and Marc found the carcas of a fish with teeth. I found out my phone could record slow mo video so all of the boys made me film them running bay watch style.
They would run past me slow mo, run into the sun and then do a funky leap. They thought it was the best thing ever so they kept doing it. Then they decided to leap frog over each other in slow mo.

The sun set was really pretty and better than the sun rise we saw on my birthday.
Once the sun was gone, we went back on the bus. We stopped at a turtle reservation for Marc to talk to the people because the next night we would go turtle nest watching. We made our way to the hotel while stopping on the street if we thought we saw a frog or gator. The hotel was by the water in punta lagoona. It was very simple with ants running though everything. We dropped off our stuff and made our way to dinner. It was five mins away from the hotel. It was a tiki hut near the water. I had coconut shrimp that was good but kind of funk. We walked to the beach from the restaurant for a little bit to see the sun. Back at the hotel, we took showers and the other girls came to talk for a bit. Ari stayed I. Our room and slept with Eli because there were wierd bugs in her room

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