Sunrise to Sunset and More

Rio Lagartos, Mexico

We woke up super early. Like actually up at 6 on the boat at 6:30. All of the girls got on one boat together. We were on the food boat. All of the picnic materials were on our boat so we ate granola bars for breakfast.

Rio Lagartos morning boat ride
Our boat was super fast. The boat driver would stop to show us a bird and then we would catch up with the other boat and still beat them. We weren’t splashed at all on the boat. It was like the boat ride the first weekends trip to Celestun but the water was prettier and less smelly. There were flamingos everywhere. We were able to get pretty close. I have all of the flamingo pics on my real camera. We saw a Rosetta spoonbill and I was like we have those in Florida! The boys boat was right by ours and they started complaining about food. We threw them a few granola bars across the water. A few of them landed in the water but close enough for them to grab them. They were all wrapped so they didn’t taste wet.
Boating gals
We eventually got of the boat at what looked like a sand bar. The thing about the sand here is that it isn’t crushed up shells; it is calcium carbonate. We walked past a mud pit and saw a natural pink lake. It was exactly like the ones from the day before. A super saline lake that was pink from the bacteria.
Pink lake
This time, Mark said jump in. We all went in. You don’t want to get it into your eyes because it was so salty. It made all of my bug bites burn. Someone with an open cut made a little ouch noise. We floated super easily. I was not worried about Schiley (he doesn’t know how to swim) because it would be close to impossible to drown. The water was really shallow but I could sit crisscross applesauce upright in the water. So cool. We went allowed to stay in long. As we were walking back, they gave all of us mud. We put it all over. It was cool and clay. It dried on us eventually and felt really good to rub off. Of course there was a mud war following.
Mud war
We made our way through the mangroves covered in the dry mud until we saw the ocean lay before us. The beautiful beaches on both sides. We stopped the boats by a tiki hut for us to escape the sun under. We all hopped in the water to get off the white clay. It was so cool and refreshing. We talked lying in six inches of water until we were hungry but it was only 10:30. So we had granola. After a nice beach time, we went back on the boats, and they brought us to the restaurant we ate at the night before. We ordered guacamole and drinks and made our own sandwiches in the open air restaurant. We were also allowed to swim in the spring nearby but on further inspection it was smell shallow and funk so we just dipped our feet in. We made our way back to the hotel and it was only 1PM. Mark said it was chill time because we would be late at the festival. I took a shower and watched “10 things I hate about you” with all of the girls. We didn’t nap but chilled. We walked around the town and all got Ice cream. Madi and I shared cookie ice cream and everyone loved it. We had to eat as quickly as possible to eat our ice cream before everyone finished it without us.
Walking around town
The town was really pretty. They had flags up everywhere for the festival later in the week. There was a bull lighting fence area in the center. The bull fighting would happen on Wednesday. It looked like a poorly built wooden stadium so I was glad I wasn’t trusting it between me and a bull.
Along the waterfront
This is the view from our hotel. Everyone emerged from their rooms and we all played Quelf. It was super fun. Nick, Ariana, Paul and Schiley were not the biggest fans. They didn’t complete the card sometimes. Whenever we did the red Quelf card, it took a long time for him to come up with an item. But English is his third language so I cut him some slack. Eventually Mark came out and we ate dinner at, you guessed it, the same restaurant. Apparently there aren’t a lot of restaurants in Rio Lagartos. I had Mexican chicken that was actually kind of yummy. We watched the sun set over the water. After dinner, we hopped on the bus to head to the turtles. Apparently we were early to see the turtles so we stopped at a little town by the beach. They had a pretty church. Inside there was one guy my age just praying for a second and then he got on his bike and left. I was like wow. I like this town. They had a trampoline set up and a football table. The boys in our group paid and played while we walked and talked.
Quaint Church
It was 11 by the time we got to the turtle place in San Felipe. Then we listened to a super long presentation in Spanish. It was very hard to stay awake. There was a frog in a empty coke bottle so it was rolling around and keeping me entertained. They had a group of people that went out every night and watches for turtles. Tonight was our night. We all got on the bus with two of the turtle people and drove around until they found a turtle they wanted to show us. It was past midnight. I was fading. We found the first turtle. We walked over the dunes until we were close to the turtle. We weren’t allowed to go close because it was still choosing the spot to lay its eggs. We all laid on each others bellies and watched the stars before the moon came out. I have never seen so many stars. It was really cute. We each saw shooting stars too. The turtle people came back and said we could watch the turtle return to the sea. Apparently it didn’t like that part of the beach. It was 120 cm which was almost a record. Then we got in the bus until we saw another one. This one was coming back to the sea too but it was a loggerhead not a green turtle. We thought the night was over but the main event was to come. We had one last stop and it was only two. One turtle was about to lay its eggs. The sand dunes were covered in spiky things and we were alL wearing flip-flops. We waited on the beach until it was safe for us to go over. The turtle had its head in a dune plant and was scooping away at the sand. It was crazy to see it actually scoop up the sand to make its nest. This is were I almost stood asleep standing up. It dug its hole for forever. Finally it stopped throwing sand and started to let our its eggs. It was actually amazing. Eventually Marc let us leave the turtle and we all slept on the bus. We arrived at the hotel at four. Some of the kids still went out to check out the festival but i fell straight into bed.

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