Festival en Domingo

Merida, Mexico

A few days before I was talking to roger and he said there was a English mass at 9 in Santa Lucia. Right by the chocolate place. So in the morning, I met Eli and Schiley at the church. It was not in English. The whole mass was being filmed. I am not sure why but everyone in the whole place was dressed up in Mexican outfits and heavy makeup. There were guys in white and cowboy hats. The girls were covered in jewels, bright colors, and long skirts. At the end of church the priest had all of the people from the festival come up and blessed by holy water. All of the people were dressed up for a dance festival. Then after church all of the festival people lined up and started a parade. The parade went all the way to the central square.
Parade starting at church
We walked alongside the parade for the whole way.
Walking with the parade
They played songs on drums and flutes. I have lots of videos to show everyone. They went around the centro and then walked back to the theater. They were part of the ballet at 11. We had planned to see the show anyways. We saw Marc outside the theater and he recommended a place to grab a quick bite before the show.
Loved the parade
Eli wanted breakfast so we stopped at Cafe Pop. I missed breakfast so I had hot cakes with real syrup. All over Mexico they only use honey so syrup was a treat.
Coffee at Cafe Pop
We met Madison and Ariana at the ballet. The first dance was all girls dancing with baskets.
The Parade Led to the Opera house for the show
The next was only boys. The dance was to drums and flutes.
They planted corn, cut the corn…
Carried their crop, made a meal and stretched on the stage.
The girls came out and danced with plates.
Then these guys came out with masks and long rope hair.
Then the drums and flute guys left and they played traditional music through the loud speakers. The girls came out in colorful dresses and they did a real fun dance with the boys.
They all gathered in a horseshoe and said some jokes that we didn’t understand.
Then the girls stayed and did a dance where they swayed their skirts.
Then the guys came out again and they did a fun dance. They all made great noises when they danced. Ay ay ay! There was one guy that looked like Eli’s boyfriend.  We called him Juan Sammons.
Juan Sammons.
They came off the stage and pulled people out of the audience to dance on the stage. We were in the center of the row so we weren’t picked. So sad. Then all of the teachers went on the stage. Apparently this was the last day of the festival and the last dance. They gave out awards to all of the teachers. It was a folk dance festival where dancers came from all over the peninsula.
It was super fun, air conditioned, and free!
Super Pretty and Crowded
All of the performers were very nice.
After the dance, we shopped around Merida and Domingo for a bit and then went to lunch. It was all of the girls and Schiley. The waiter was very funny. There was a bee flying around so he gave Madison a gun to get it. Then he walked away and dropped a book to make a sound like a gunshot.
You get a Madi a gun
Ariana and Eli went off and Megan and Schiley went home so Madison and I went off for the rest of the day.
Toys for sale in Gran Plaza
There was a little tension still between Madi and Eli so it was good for them to get away for a bit. Madi and I walked around the shops for a bit and then tried to get to a movie theater. Instead we ended up by a mall so we went and browsed around.
Colorful trinkets for sale
The mall was dying. It was connected to a really big hotel so we sat in the lobby and talked.
Madi in Mexico
Then we realized Chilis was downstairs. We both ordered milkshakes and then looked at each other and knew we needed tho cookie too. It was really good but the milkshake was actual milk stirred up and cold.
Hot Cookie
We went back to the lobby and planned out our week.
Planning in the lobby
The ceiling was really pretty.
It was a pretty big hotel.
I got home and talked to Lety for a bit and then went to my bed to write but I fell asleep.

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