High Emotions

Marc was nice and after the late night, he let us sleep til 9. Breakfast was a yummy mishmash. Everything I loved; quesadilla toast cocoa crispys. So good. We were packing up our things when Eli started screaming. There was a scorpion in her back. Marc and roger came in and took care of it but still. We got on a the bus. I did not get a good seat. I was stuck in the back next to Mihael and Madison but it was the very back (super bumpy), cramped with storage over head and hot.  It was a very painful bus ride. We made our way to Ek Balam. It was a mini Uxmal. The entrance was nice and clean.
It was a great place to stretch my legs. They let us climb on everything so it was pretty nice.

The center was a large pyramid. The top felt amazing because of the breeze. It was actually really hard to climb to the top.
There was a short bus ride to a little town by ek balam. The town was know for their hammocks so everyone bought a hammock. We saw them making the hammocks on the looms. Then one of the families brought us into their house to make tortillas.
We each got a dough ball and where taught how to shape it. It was kind of hard but I was pretty decent at it. The joke was if you can make a good tortilla you could get married. I was one of the few that could get married.
They were the best tortillas ever. We just ate them with salt.
The family had an adorable baby as well.
Then the horror bus ride continued. We didn’t get to our lunch until 5. In the bus, we tried to nap but it wasn’t working so we sat around and played the story game where everyone goes around and tells a related story. We arrived at lunch/dinner. It was an amazing meal. It started with yummy lemonade, empanadas and poc chuc. We even had sorbet. I had pitaya (dragon fruit) and everyone else had cocoa nut. It was super yummy but no air conditioning and super hot. After
Our super great meal, we walked over to a church. There was a quinceneria going on so we took a picture with the girl in her green ballgown.
The whole town was this yellow color because the pope came to the town a long time ago and they painted it the color of the Vatican.

Eventually we got back on the bus. There was a mix up with the seat so I was stuck in the back seat with Mihael and Nicolas. Nicolas was a student from UADY that went on all of the trips with them last year. He joined us for this weekend trip and some of our classes. The drama started with Nik sending a text on Megan’s phone to the guy she was talking to in Merida. So then Eli was taking about something and she was getting activated and then raised her voice at Madison and then Eli started to cry. Then we got out of the bus and the boys were taking about the text and Madison stood up for Megan and then the boys played it off as a joke and Mihael raised his voice at Madison. So then we went back on the bus to go to the chocolate place. Everyone was really upset with each other and there was not a lot of love going round. The boys went out to Progresso for the night. They were renting a house in Progresso and parting the night away and none of the girls were into that so we had chocolate. Marc came to the chocolate place to check up on us.
Madison was still not feeling to happy about the whole night. She wanted to do something so we walked to Marc’s hotel, dropped off our stuff. We passed a dance place on the way so we stopped in. Everyone was dancing and Madison was really excited. Not really my scene but I still had fun. We danced with these nice students from Columbia, Mexico and Spain. It was getting late so I convinced madi to head on home. On our way out they asked if we were coming back. We weren’t but we said yes so we could get a stamp.

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