Market Monday

In the home stretch. We had our last ecology lecture in class today but class started at 9 today. We all came barreling in the morning only to find our guest speaker wasn’t there. Marc spoke about the last days and then a presentation on sustainability. Class ends at 11 but that is when the guest speaker came. He spoke for an hour extra about conservation, reservations and land management. Although he spoke English, it was hard to listen to because it was super broken. Finally he stopped his presentation at 12. Marc had told us he would take us to the market so we followed him first to lunch. He picked his favorite Lebanese place. I have never before eaten Lebanese food let alone Lebanese food in mexico. I ate lamb shish kebabs and hummus and pita bread. It was pretty yummy but still kind of sketchy. There was also lemonade but the thing was it was just a lemon and water. You have to add all of the sweetener yourself. So we pretty much dumped the whole entire bucket of sugar in our lemonade to get it so it was actually yummy to drink. After our funky lunch not in the air conditioning, we were all kind of crabby but continued onward to the market. It was a long a sweaty hike through the streets. The market is really close to the city museum we went to earlier. It is like a market in Istanbul.
It is covered from the sun but did not escape the heat.

They sold everything. Fruits, veggies…

Parrots, turkeys, puppies, chickens…

Lots of colored spices 

And a mishmash of a giant flea market.

They even had these weird dolls. After the market, we all split up. Eli and air went to Eli’s house and Madi and I went around and shopped around the centro. We tried to find a hammock place but we failed. Madi found a stone shop that she liked. This man came up to us and asked if we spoke English. I was so used to vendors talking to me, I said no. Madi waited a second and said yes. It was a guy looking for the USA embassy. I felt pretty sad for bit. After wandering around and shopping, we found a sorbet shop. 

I got dragon fruit and she got coconut. It was really yummy.
It didn’t last long in the heat or by my mouth. Dragon fruit has become one of my new favorite things.

After our adventure, we returned home. At six, I took a bus to madi’s house. All of the Lombardis had a plan to meet at McCarthy’s Irish pub. We were meeting UADY students that traveled with the group last year. Madi lives within walking distance from McCarthy’s so it made sense to go to her house first. After talking at her house for a bit, we walked over. It was just like the one in winter park. All of the girls were there but the boys of course were late. I had delicious cheese fries. It was like they took Mac and cheese and put the sauce on fries. All of the old UADY kids came and talked to is about our trip. The restaurant had rock music in the background but as the night progressed it turned into so heavy metal and I was out. I left with Ariana and we took a cab together home.

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