Salsa the Night Away

Merida, Mexico

Our final day of class for ecology! We all picked out 15 of our favorite photos and presented them to the class. A portion of mine:
It was really nice to have all of our trips come together. Marc wanted us to the presentations in Spanish but no one did. After all of our long presentations, we all sat down and our Spanish teachers came in to award us with a final certificate for competing the course.
Certificate of UADY
We all had a lunch together similar to the first day of class. After our lunch, all of the girls walked around and explored the centro for a bit and then we all took the bus home together. Eli drove past a pasteleria everyday and she wanted to check it out with us. It turned out to be the same place we has gone the day before. Madi was kind of mad because they didn’t believe her when she said she had been to it. I bought a box of cookies to take home to Lety. We stopped by Starbucks on the way out too so we could get cold milk with our cookies.

El Colon Pastries
After our treat, we all went home. Madi went home with me because she was sleeping over at my house with the ac and wifi. She came over for a bit and then we caught the bus to the centro. We had planned to meet all of the girls at the nicest restaurant in Merida. When we got there, they were complaining that it was too expensive so they wanted to go to La Trotta. Even though we had been there a thousand times and it was the same price as the other place, to avoid conflict we went to the italian place. Madi, Megan, and Ariana all had the wine sample. They gave them a tasting of three wines and then they chose their favorite. I had yummy goat cheese pizza.
Wine Tasting
When we walked outside there were people practicing their dance on the stage. We watched for a bit and then Eli and Ari left for a sleepover. We stayed out and went to the chocolate place. I had a chocolate frapaccino and it was amazing.
St. Lucia dance practice 
After our dessert, we went to the salsa place.
Salsa Place downtown
It wasn’t crowded and there was none one to salsa with so we danced with ourselves. There were a lot of old people there too. We took a taxi back home and drove by La Cantinita. All of the boys and Ruth had plans to go to la cantinita so we met them there. This place was more lively. There was a conga line and everything. They played a lot of Spanish music but I recognized a good bit from singing songs in Spanish. It was very exciting when I heard a song I knew. They had a live band for part of the night so classic we left when we could stand the band.
After lots of dancing, madi and I took a taxi home. She loved the ac.

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