Torrential Tuesday

Our final group presentation was today in ecology. We showed some photos from the rio lagartos trip. Everyone showed pretty much the same photos so it was hard presenting last because we had to come up with new stories on the fly. Nicolas, one of last years UADY kids joined our group and presented a few of the slides too. After class, I headed back home. We all had a plan to meet at the maya museum at 2. When I got home, Lety wasn’t home. She came at 1 and quickly made me a chicken squash soup. Not really my thing but I ate it.
I caught a bus to madi’s house because next to her house is a bus station to the maya museum. It was a huge museum from the outside. We climbed up the hot long staircase to get to the top. There was a security gaurd and he told is true museum was closed on Tuesdays for maintenance. We thought he was joking but he was not. We walked down the stairs and saw the rest of the girls. We told them the news but they didn’t want to believe it so they went up and asked. The gran plaza mall was next to the maya museum so we all walked over. The mall was very big but not the best. It was probably the same as altomonte mall. There were some brands I recognized but a lot of it was shops that looked like forever 21 but Spanish. We all went up to the food court for snacks. Madi and I had cute little cookies.
Everyone else had coke and fries.

After the mall, we all parted ways. Air and   Eli went over to Elianas house for a sleepover. We were supposed to have a cooking class with Eli’s mom but it kept getting pushed back to the point that we weren’t going to do it. We were gong to learn how to make sopa de Lima and jamaica juice. Sopa de Lima is a Mexican chicken noodle soup that is super yummy and Jamaica juice is the yummy hibiscus juice. I had to follow madi home to reach my bus eventually but then the storm hit. It rained like crazy so I just stayed at madi’s for a bit.
It finally stopped raining and the streets were flooded super bad. We called a taxi and made our way to the altabrisa mall. We told everyone to come but no one joined us.

This mall was more of a millennia mall. The only place for us to eat was cpk, food court or pf changs so we went for changs. It was so exciting to be in a nice mall out of the flooded streets.

I got a peanut chicken noodle salad. It was really good. Madi got a fancy margarita and spicy shrimp.

After our fresh dinner, we made our way down to there movie theater. Madi doesn’t have ac or wifi at her house so she tries to stay out as long as possible. The only movie in English was the Adam sandler and drew barimore movie, blended. It was in English and had Spanish subtitles. The movie theater was super nice. It had leather reclining chairs and a menu. They serve you during the movie. We shared popcorn and a sprite. It was so nice and relaxing.

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