Casa Frita

Merida, Mexico

We had a fairly late night so we all slept in till 9. All of the girls met at the museum. Madison was sleeping over at my house so we arrived late together because classic bus took forever.
Exhibit at Maya Musuem 
The Maya Museum was really pretty. It was new and clean. They had a bunch of cool videos on curved surfaces. It was air conditioned and so nice. The videos were all in Spanish but the exhibits were in Spanish, English and Mayan.
This is my Mayan birthday. They also gave us a Mayan horoscope.
Quilt of stories
It was actually really big. Some highlights included an explanation of the calendars, living maya today and learning to count the Mayan way.
The whole museum was interactive and cool.
It was the quality of a USA museum in Mexico.
Works of art
They even recreated the facade of multiple temples.
It was really neat because we had visited most of them. It was also interesting because I didn’t really know a lot about the Maya. At each site, Mark would explain everything but at the museum, I connected all of the dots.
Connecting the dots
After the museum, we had a snack at the store. They had frozen kit kats. The funky thing was it was written in Spanish, English and Greek. It was confirmed Greek too because Ariana took Greek classes.
Greek Kit Kat
Megan, Ariana and Eliana got on the bus back home but Madi and I had told our moms we were eating downtown from the original plan.
Outside Museum 
So we walked across the street to the mall and had sprite and fries.
Walk to Mall
We went home and got ready for our final night out. We all dressed up cute and headed out to Casa Frita downtown in the centro. Eli Ari Madi and I got there early so we could find cute things for Megan’s birthday the next day. We were the first ones at dinner with Mark. Roger came late but he brought all of the girls a rose. This random group of Americans ate with us too. They were all old and studying the Mayans but Marc is super nice and let them come.
Roses for the last night
Dinner was good but I had chicken mole. Mole is the nastiest thing ever. It is like chocolate, bean, licorice sauce that looks like the Black Death.
Marc and Roger gave presents to everyone and we all had cake for Megan’s birthday.
Mark and Roger. Our Fearless Leaders
Casa Frita: Overall cute but I picked the wrong menu item.
After dinner, all of the girls minus Eli came over to my house for an hour so I could switch out if my uncomf wedges and so they could charge their phones.
Then we all took a taxi to the place for Megan’s birthday.
It was part of a mall so it was kind of funky. It was a real club. Lazers, smoke machine and music. We danced for a bit but there weren’t many people there. Ruth was friends with the DJs so they all came down to talk to us and put on American music. Everyone from the whole gang was there except for Eliana, Schiley and Paul. When we left, they gave us a goodie bag with a cool cup.

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