Sleepless in Peru

After a delicious lunch at ChickenSalad Chick right when it opened, my mom and Anna dropped me off at the airport. I met Ama and Eli at the gate and we sat around excited for the trip to Atlanta. The flight was full and when I went to sit down it was next to a mom and two babies. I love babies but I was weary. She asked me to switch seats with her husband in the emergency exit so I was like sure. I went to go listen to podcast on the way to Atlanta but I didn’t download them correctly so I sat in silence and fell asleep.

We arrived at Atlanta and met up with the rest of the Lombardi crew. It was a lot and everyone was so excited it felt weird. It is fun to travel with the older class because it adds a new dynamic to our group.

The flight from Atlanta to Lima is a long 6 hours. I was sitting next to two random college guys. We chatted for like 5 minutes and then I moved since it wasn’t a full flight. They were pleased they had more room and I had fun sitting with Adriana. We watched When Harry Met Sally and had chocolate covered pomegranate seeds (our favorite treat) we timed it so we started the movie at the same time so we could make comments while watching together. After our movie, they fed us a chicken dinner with a kitkat. It was kind of turbulent. Then we chatted with all of the Lombardis and moved around before settling down and trying to watch castleblanca but it wasn’t enough to keep our attention. We started Mama Mia and quietly sang along in between talking with other Lombardis. We ended the trip with listening to Hamilton highlights.

The Lima airport was pretty big so we all sat at a cafe and drank water or something. Mihael got an empanada but had issues paying because Spanish is hard for him. The security gourds came over and woke up Ariana and wouldn’t let us sleep but they also wouldn’t let us go to hate because we were five hours early. It was 11 when we got to the airport but our flight was boarding at four and leaving at 4:30 to arrive in Cuzco at 6. After sitting at the cafe for a while we attempted to exchange money but it was too expensive so we tried to play a game that Ariana brought that was similar to mafia but everyone was too tired. They let us in the gate and we slept on our stuff.

We all got on the airplane and sat down. Regan counted us all and discovered we were missing Schiley! He was still asleep in the terminal but he didn’t sit by the group. So Regan tried to get off and call him but nothing worked. He would have to catch a flight on his own.

I fell asleep for most of the Cusco flight but in front of me Pat and Mihael sat next to this guy from Dubi that has traveled the world alone. He was like 23 and had been everywhere. I sat next to Robbie and we had a lot of room. I woke up to see the prettiest mountains before landing in Cusco. Sunrise and everything

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