Full Service 

Today was a full service day. That means we started work at the orphanage at 9, brought a packed lunch, and finished at 5. We met outside of ISA in the morning and waited for a bit to get things organized. Elvis, one of the ISA instructors, brought more supplies for us. Sandpaper, cleaning supplies, and trash cans. We all started full speed ahead. I sanded down the tables. A group of guys sanded down the floors, mopped them, and waxed them. The wax is a red paint that cleans up the floor. After sanding the tables, I tried to rub the paint off the Windows. We started to paint the tables bright green but we didn’t have enough drop cloths so we made it work by ripping apart plastic bags. It took at least two layers of paint to make a somewhat even coat of paint.

We took our lunch break kind of early at 12. I had an avocado and cheese sandwich. Marita packed two sandwiches so I gave my ham and egg sandwich to Paul. We took our lunch early because we thought we would play soccer and meet the kids around two but we later learned they wouldn’t be ready till 4. They had a Mother’s Day activity.

It is interesting to see people working because you can tell who the hard workers in the group are. Paul, Alex S, and Nik were some of the superstars. Juan brought music so we all had a good time in the morning before it ran out of battery. Juan was the only one with enough experience to say use this much paint, this much thinner, don’t wash the brushes with straight water, and he spoke Spanish so he came in clutch when trying to speak with directors.

We painted the tables with the bright green, painted the chairs with a clear wood sealer, and waxed the floors. We need to do a few more coats on Monday but we got a lot done. Around 4, the kids came in. There were around 15 little boys. They liked Megan because she showed them her phone and took pictures with her. We walked around town to a large park. It was 1 sol per person to get in and 5 soles to rent the soccer field. It was a nice park with lots of slides and playground equipment, a bunny cage, and at least four fields.

All of the guys from our group tried to play soccer with the kids. The kids won by a lot and our guys were very winded by the end of the hour.

On the walk back to the bus, we stopped at and OXO (the same brand of convenience store as in Mexico). Everyone picked up snacks but I was in desperate need of Chapstick. Somehow mine was lost in transport. They didn’t have any. We met with the other group and on the street I saw Katie Giebler! She was in my Winter Park Youth leaders class! I hugged her but had to move quickly because the group was moving without me. We made our way back home and it was empty except for our host dad. He was heading out too but said they would all be back in a little bit. Madi and I went on an adventure to the grocery store across the street. It was actually really nice. They even had the mini carts for the kids. We picked up water, Chapstick and a snack for days of travel. We walked back home and read the readings for the next day about the Wari culture. We tried to walk to the mall that is close by but failed to find it again.

Marita came home around 8 with Luciana and Marcelo. They had just been at Lucy’s guitar recital. Marita showed me a video and it was very cute. She played twinkle twinkle little star. She wouldn’t play for us though because she is kind of shy. I tried to talk to Marcelo and he showed me a video of him dancing with his mom and sister in a festival. Marita gave us pizza and peaches. It was actually pretty good! Nothing unusual. Madi and I sat and visited with the littles and watched them watch Minecraft videos. We had an early night and retired to bed around 9:30. We talked for a bit before falling asleep.

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