A Wedding and a Funeral 

We all met at the bus at 8 for a day full of adventures. I wore my very trendy hiking outdoorsy outfit with a scarf so I felt on point. Every day we wait a solid 30 for the bus so I always wonder why we are on time.

It was a shorter bus ride to Pikillacta. I sat next to Pat and he slept on my shoulder. It is a large site made by the Wari people. Archeologist are unsure exactly what the purpose of the site is. They thought was it was a storage facility but that theory is wrong because they didn’t find many pots or artifacts. Now they think it is an administrative center of military garrison of sorts. The crazy thing is how big it is. It has over 500 rooms and makes a perfect grid from above. The walls are all semi intact and a few were recreated. The struggle with the site is that it isn’t as well studied and it was later used for other things by the inca. Another theory is that is was a place for people to come and bury their dead and have a ceremony. It means “flea town” in Quechua. All in all it is kind of a huge mystery site that was really fun to explore.

The many halls and rooms of Pikillacta
When we first arrived we split up into groups. Dr. Maya wanted each group to find a specific room. Nishtha, Alex Touchton, Mihael and I were in charge of looking for niched hallways. We walked around the site for a while making it all the way to one side. We thought we had found one so then we went off and explored a bit more. Mihael and I stayed back and sat on top and looked around. After a while we tried to catch up with our group so we took some shortcuts around the walls.

Many steps ahead
All of the groups gathered to discuss their rooms and we realized we did not look in the right area. Mihael was mad because he thought we were all made fools of but actually it was only Nishtha and Megan because they made some off comments. No one really knows that they are talking about so it is like a BS contest to see who can make the best story.
Dr. Maya gave us more time at the site so we made our way down to the other end of the site. We ended up walking pretty much the entire thing. We saw the correct niched hallways and things made a lot more sense. Eli peed in the middle of the ruins so I was kind of like what. It is all over grown and she didn’t pee on the path but still.

The site looked like an old Peruvian great wall of China just because of the tall walls and long hallways.
See how easily mistakable this is!? It looks like a pile of rocks.
We went back to the bus grabbed our lunches and sat under trees it eat. My host mom pack me jello and tuna pasta salad. She always puts peach juice in my lunch and game changer it is so good. Regan gave us all coca teas to chew. It tasted like the tea we had on the first day but hard to keep in your mouth. When we were eating Juan kept playing icky would you rather. He always made lick clean a 7-11 bathroom and option.
We all hopped back on the bus for a short time to reach the Inca gate. It was very large with a lot of stone work. We took quality group photos at our first Inca site. It had and aqueduct on top of the gate.

Inca Gates
Ama and I chomping around the world

We arrived at a cute little town to tour a church. Nik started throwing up in his bag and it was pretty gross. Poor thing. We think it was cheese that got him because he is lactose intolerant. We all left the bus quickly to avoid it while his main bro Austin helped us out. We were about to tour the church when we were ushered out. Apparently they were having a wedding. The church flooded out with people. All of the girls wore very high heels that looked like a struggle to walk on the pebble streets with. It took a while for them all to get out. They bride and groom finally emerged and everyone threw flower petals on them. It was very cute to see all of the families and the big celebration.

The Wedding
Eventually we all entered the church. They wouldn’t let us take photos of the inside but it was all painted beautifully. Even the ceiling was painted. The mural around the door was very large and Dr Maya explained how it was like when you leave the doors you have to choose good or evil.

Outside the church in Andahuaylillas

Inside the painted church
We looked around the church fora bit and then all headed outside to explore the town. Mihael and I walked to the edge of town just to see it all. We ran across the cutest puppy. It was so little. While we were waiting for the bus, we saw a funeral coming out of the church. Less than an hour after a wedding, a funeral. On the way back, everyone was sleeping so I moved to Mihael and we played math and logic puzzles.

Madi and I returned home for a quick siesta before going out. The whole gang was going out for pizza at a place Regan recommended. It was all of the girls and Austin. The pizza was good but everyone got sick afterwards. We discussed student government and how corrupt it is. We all sat around for a while for our stomachs to settle. Right after we left the restaurant we were called back in because we used a 2 sole coin instead of a 5 sol coin. We worked it all out though.

Christina and a bunch of people went out the night before to this really pretty bar with a view. It is a long climb to the top though. Many steps. Many steps. But it was perfect! The view is amazing. Mihael saw a shooting star but I didn’t. I stayed on the balcony the whole night even though it was cold but it was perfect.
On top of the city

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