Climbing Mountains

Marita had spoken to me the previous night about taking me to church. She wanted to take me in the morning so I would be calm the whole day. It is true. The whole day I would have worried. So I woke up at 5:30 to go to church with Marita. She drove us over to another part of town. They had confetti all over the ground for Mother’s Day. It was mass at 6 in the morning but it was so packed. Like we got a seat because we are on time but the whole row was full and people were standing. Marita said it was because everyone works and I was like lol people in the US don’t wake up early. Part of the mass was in Quechua and Marita told me when and what they were saying.

We all gathered again on the bus after a classic breakfast of yogurt and puffed rice. Ariana explained Avalon, a fun game which is kind of like mafia, to us before we got off at a llama farm. It was right off the side of the road. They had llamas alpacas and the other types of camelids native to Peru. They had little stems and leaves for us to feed to them. Much cute. They would even come over and let us pet them. They only spit once but I don’t think they got Ama. Two of them escaped their pen and charged at us. The llama wrangler got them back in their pen pretty quickly though. It was a brief excitement. The llama place also had a weaving exhibit on how to make the colors of the threads and weave. They had a shop to explore too but everything was very expensive so I didn’t get anything.

We drove further into the mountains and into the sacred valley. The view was incredible to see the river weaving through the mountains and fields so we got out and all took photos. We were on our way to Pisac, an inca ruin. When we arrived it was packed with buses parked all the way up the mountain road.

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