Sexy women at Saqsayhuaman

We started the day with half service. Madi wasn’t feeling well so she skipped breakfast but I had classic yogurt. Madi missed the first half of the day because she wasn’t feeling well.

At the orphanage, we spent the half day sanding chairs, tables, the floor, and painting and waxing. Classic.
I took pictures of Ari doing her Irish dance thing that she does everywhere. We came back down after 20 mins and tried to find them again. Eventually we flagged them down at the bottoms.


The Orphanage Courtyard
We returned home for lunch. Lunch is always really late at 2. When I got home, the house was full of people! It was Maritas birthday! All of Maritas brothers, son, daughters, grandkids, the whole gang. The table was all set up with many many seats. I took a quick shower and met everyone. Madi and I ate early because we had to return to school so s we missed the party but we still had amazing chicken soup. We scurried off to school to go on our adventure. Madi was feeling better so she joined us.

Maritas Birthday Cake and her brother
The ride was a short 20 mins to Saqsayhuaman. It was incredible! The stones were so large and perfectly fit together. There were two main parts with a large field separating. Dr Maya split us into groups to do a scavenger hunt. Ari and I were with Nishtha and Ciara. We walked up a part of it and they wanted to stay at the bottom because they were tired. Ari and I explored the lookout area with a beautiful view of all of Cusco during he day. I keep having flashbacks to Toledo here. I guess it is just s Spanish city too.

Ariana and a stone doorway
At this point we stopped with the scavenger hunt because it was too easy and required no effort. So we all moved over to the other side of the ruins. It was more natural and had more elements of nature next to man made stone cut rocks. That is an element Maya wanted us to keep track of. It had a Quechua name that I can’t pronounce. It is actually amazing on how they integrated the natural and stone cut rocks together seamlessly. It was something we had seen at Pisac as well. The other side of he ruins was more hill like so we walked all around

Cool stonework and drainage
On the other side of the hill we hit the jackpot. The inca slides. It was an element on the scavenger hunt we we were very excited. I am not sure if the incas actually used them and if so probs not for entertainment but it was basically stone that was worn so it worked like a slide. You just scramble up the side like in stop mountain and then go down one of the two slides. At the end of the slide the have tires to take away the impact. The first time I went down, I came down so hard, my knees buckled at the tire and it pushed me face down. I had my hands there to push me back up but it was so cool! I did it at least 4 more times. At this point all of the groups had gathered because here else to go but the slide. Not everyone went down which concerned me. In the same area was what looked like a stone amphitheater. Like Greek or Roman but this is all incas. We didn’t get to explore to much because of time but we did see the cool Incan stone seats. There are prefect benches cut into rock but they won’t let you sit on them.

Ariana making a wish
We all gathered to discuss what we found and Mihael and I were disturbed to discover we missed exploring tunnels. Nik was late to discussion so Regan yelled at him for a hot second and we all thought it was hilarious. We showed all of the pictures of the scavenger hunt to Maya and then walked over to Christo Blanco. It is a huge Jesus statue like in Brazil but just not as huge.

Christo Blanco
Every night, you can see it lit up on top of the mountains. They light it up so it is perfect. Apparently a few nights ago, Juan Ethan and Robbie walked up to the stature to sit up and explore and drink at the top. They were attacked by dogs. If street dogs approach you, which has never happened to me, you are supposed to throw rocks at them or make a throwing motion and then they will run away. The walk from the ruin to the statue was 10 minutes but people still complained. I don’t understand it. The bus could have driven us but really. Can we not move. At the top we took pics and cuts group photos. Regan and her boyfriend decided to walk downy the mountain. Regans boyfriend, her mom, and her dad had joined us for this day. Regans mom looked just like an old eccentric lady. I could totally see it.

Yummy Chicken Rice Soup
Madi and I made our way home and Maritas family had all left. She made us soup like chicken noodle and cake. I didn’t eat the cake because I was full. We had all decided between the girls that this was the night we were all going out dancing. The seniors had a class dinner because it was there last trip together and we were to meet them afterwards. All the girls met at 9 downtown but the seniors had t even gotten their food yet. That is a bug difference between Cusco and US. Service takes forever. Maybe because they don’t normally tip but we do. Forever. Average casual dinner is over 2 hours easily.

So we all went to a coffee place above the plaza to sit. At this point Maid is feeling pretty bad. She probs shouldn’t have come out. So we got to sit at this coffee shop and all of the girls don’t want to order anything. So I am stuck getting a hot cocoa so we can sit there. I don’t know if they think it is just ok to sit in an empty cafe and not order anything but I guess.

Hot Chocolate
At this point it is 10 and the cafe closed. So we moved to Starbucks. I am like no someone else go order something. They had to so they could get the wifi code and talk to seniors because I am one of the few with texting. Madi feels bad and Ari wants to go to bed. We each only have one key between each pair so Ama and I are forced to go home. But Ama really wanted to go out and it was one of our last nights so we dropped the lame and sick people at home let them in and then Ama and I went downtown and metthe seniors. Taxis are 3 soles so less than a dollar. We met them at the shot bar and then moved to a club. Club is a relative word. They have lights and dancing and a bar so I guess it was but it wasn’t fancy at all. It is Robbie, Ama, me, Lexi, Ciara, Pat, Alex S and Mihael. We danced with ourselves till late and it was really fun! We even ran into other people from UF. One girl was in Kappa! I was like hey sapphire sisters around the globe!! Pat walked me home like a good pat and Madi was fast asleep still kind of sick.

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