Pics or it didn’t happen 

Today was a day of no actual photos. Enjoy my favorites from the day before from Eliana’s quality camera. I am glad she is hiking and doing Machu Picchu with me because the pics will be out of this world. It was a full service day but we had discussion before getting on the bus and helping. We discussed service tourism and service as a whole. Everyone believes that the service we are doing is a waste of our time and resources. Really I believe they are all just a bit lazy. But mostly everyone likes to hear themselves talk.

We arrived at Salon de Ferro and tried to start with a plan. The Spanish speaker went down to ask what they would like us to complete. They wanted us to paint the chairs and tables and sand them all down. They wanted us to wax the floor of one more room and new dry erase boards.

So the entire day was spent inhaling paint fumes and sanded wood. Marita made a lunch of fried rice that was surprisingly good. There is a large Asian influence in Peri and the have a lot of Asian restaurants around us.

After a day of sanding and painting and destroying my jeans, we returned home to shower and change. Madi went out to Lumas again and Mihael and I went to a cute coffee cafe right by Lumas. It had just as nice as a view as Lumas. Mihael got sick at the end of our meal and threw it all up. After he threw it all up, he was ready to go again so we wandered around town walking through the streets, deep talking, and attempting to complete the scavenger hunt I made. We magically met up with Madi on the street which was perfect because only I have the key.
Correction: I took a picture on Mihaels phone and here it is.

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