Best Meal Ever

We had another full service day and Madi was still feeling sick but she felt bad about missing the other day so she went. We all met up at school and then at the center. The morning consisted of touching up tables, chairs, and cleaning up. Megan and I went out and bought a set of books for the kids along with posters and medicine. We walked around Cusco for a bit and took a taxi back to the orphanage. It was really interesting to go shopping because each shop only sells a few things. Everything that they do sell is like five years old. When we got back, we mixed frosting with evaporated milk to make icing for cupcakes that another team went out and bought. Ari tried the frosting and said it was icky. We put sprinkles on them all and then gave them to the kids and staff. The director came up and made a big deal and presented us to the kids. We had to sing a song to them so our group chose the one from out of the box, so long farewell song. It was the most awkward thing ever because no one in the group sang. So bad. We handed all of them out and then played with the kids.

We had the option to go play soccer or go home. Pat Ama Robbie Mihael and I had a meeting with Loki to talk about the hike so I went with them to play soccer. And play soccer means watch them play soccer because to be real I don’t know when the last time I did play soccer. All in all sitting and watching. Then it hits me that I have the key. Madi and I only share one key. So I panic and we go home. When I get home I only have an hour before the meeting so I was just going to save Madi, get my passport and go but when I got home there was so much family. Her nieces came in from Lima. They are twins and 19. They were on the Peru voice. They sang for me and luckily Madi was in there. They loved Madis hair and said she looked like Rapunzel and braided her hair and then asked to braid mine. They were having a performance downtown tonight! I did a quick change grabbed my stuff and said bye to everyone.

I told Mihael and Ama I would meet them by the billboard by our house. I left my phone with Madi so she could text Mihael if she needed me because she was sick but I couldn’t find any of them! I ran around the streets and then ran home and grabbed my phone so I could contact them. It turns out I didn’t look up and was at the wrong billboard.

So we hail a taxi and head to Loki, a hostel which also does the treks. We had a debriefing meeting and had to pick up our sleeping bags. We were late because I got lost but Robbie was in the taxi right in front of us.  It was funny because we saw the back of his head through the taxi window and knew it was him. We were running late and the street we had to go up was one way so we got out at the bottom of the stairs and climbed up. No joke so many stairs. But little did I know what was coming.

Loki hostel was a maze of courtyards, rooms, sitting places, and bars. We made our way over to the briefing meeting. Ama, Eli, Lexi, Pat, Robbie, and Mihael were the Lombardis doing the hike with me. Alex T and Alex S were doing a similar hike the same time as us but with a different company. Nik, Austin, Paul, Schiley, and Nick Johnson were doing a four day hike and would be at Machu Picchu the same time as us. Madi, Megan, Christina, Ari, and Ciara were taking the bus to Machu Picchu the day after we started the trek. Juan and Nishtha were the only ones not going to Machu Picchu or anywhere after. At our meeting, we were with Australian guys. They were stereotypical Australians with a heavy accents and silly questions. They were not on our hike. We had 11 other random people on our hike. A guide went over the basic route of the trek. He gave miles, hours, when we were eating, and what to bring extra. It was a lot of information. We all left very frazzled. We gathered and went over everything again. Pat, Robbie, Mihael, and I changed our tickets to an earlier time because of recommendations. We rented a sleeping bag but they didn’t have any on hand so they said they would give it to us the morning of the trek. Lexi and Eli rented little packs to use. We would get 5 kilos to put on the mule so the packs were pretty tiny. Everyone was concerned about water because it wasn’t prohibited but they said there would be opportunities to buy it on the trek.

Mihael, Pat, Eli, Ama and I went out to dinner afterwards because we missed dinner with our family. We wandered for quite a bit looking for a nice place. Mihael heard of a nice place online and we tried to find it but it looked full so we went to a place right next door.

It was a pretty swanky place and I felt out of place in my scrubby clothing. Every table had wine, candles, and yummy looking food. I went to slip into the booth side (always my favorite side) and when I tried to go in, I almost pulled the entire able apart. There was a runner in the center of the table that got caught on my clothing and pulled everything with it. Lucky nothing fell off the table but I lost booth privileges afterwards and moved to the other side.

The waiter brought out amazing bread and pesto and we knew things were going to go well. I ordered sweet potato ravioli. Here was wifi so I texted Madi to check up on her and the rest of the girls played on the wifi the whole time. The bathroom was really nice so I could tell it was going to be good.

After a short wait, all of the food came out. All of the food had flowers on it. Magical. For real. The best I had ever tasted. The butter sweet potato nutty ravioli was out of this world and everyone else was just as happy with their food. Mihael ordered a steak and he couldn’t eat it because it was too heavy. He also ordered a drink because he felt bad none of us did and that didn’t help. As we enjoyed our amazing meal, he picked at his and then we had to rush home so he wouldn’t die.

Eli and Ama feeling like scrubs but eating fine

Sweet Potato Ravioli in the butter sauce. Wow. Even the flower.

Pats meal with yummy bread in the background
After the meal, I wanted to meet Marita and her family to see the girls perform but no one wanted to go out with me and Madi was still sick. We all headed home shortly after that. When I got home, Madi was still sick. I wasn’t sure what to do to make her feel better so we just fell asleep.

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