Dia Ultima

Photo by http://www.elianafrench.com/

It was an early morning for class and we had to meet at 7:30. At 6:30, I woke up and started to get ready. Madi did not look good. I went out and told our host mom and she started to make coca tea. He brother from New Mexico came to talk to Madi and see if he could help translate. We decided to call a doctor, Regan, and the program to say she wasn’t going to the excursion today. By this time, I was late but by the time I made it to school the bus hadn’t arrived yet.

We had a two hour bus ride to the weaving workshop. The weaving workshop is a Cooperative made by the lady who wrote the weaving book we had to read. When we arrived women dressed in tradition Peruvian outfits offered us tea while they explained the weaving process. They showed us the natural llama fibers, the root they used to wash the fibers, how they threaded them together, and weaved. They handed out cocoa tea for the whole group to drink while we were learning.

Megan and Eli used natural plants and different minerals to dye colors.

We were lead out to the back where there was a covered area. Each column was surrounded by chairs. We sat down and were tied to the pole to use as tension to weave. We started with a simple weaving pattern, just straight stripes. The ladies showed us what to do but it was all in Spanish so it was a lot of me doing things and her being like no and showing me.

After a bit, I moved on to the next pattern. It was an x and a square. The lady called Christina a weaving professor. Pat got fed up with the second pattern and went back to stripes. Juan was also fed up with it. The struggle was we weaved for over and hour. I have never been able to finish a friendship bracelet before but this one I kept at it. I would forget where j was pretty frequently and the lady kept having to come and undo my work. But then she would do it properly.

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