Favorite People and Chocolate

Lexi and our amazing breakfast at Jack’s Cafe
Lexi and I woke up at 9 to move on out and explore our last day in Cusco. We started with a cup of cocoa tea, banana, and a bit of drama. It is best not to dwell on drama so I will glaze over it. I walked over to the laundry place next door and dropped off all of my hiking stuff because it was all pretty gross. When I can back, we finished packing. Mihael and Alex S met up with us to explore and have breakfast. We walked a bit and ended up at Jack’s cafe. I had the vegi plate so it was avocados and cheese toast but it was so big and amazing. It made everyone very happy. 

After our yummy meal, we went to exchange money and shop for souvenirs. I got a cross for granny. We walked around a few of the shops and markets. It was one of the only times I went souvenir shopping. Regrets. If I could go back I would have bought different things but at the time I was holding off for who knows what. I bought a cute sweater. A beige one for me. It is the classic Peru sweater that will have holes but they are cute. Mihael bought a sweater for him and his mom. He mentioned that Eion would wear one of them and I was like

  It was a tourist day at the Compania de Jesus (the place I went to church earlier on the holy day) so it was free to go in. They had a big banner in the front but the thing that lead us in was the people peeking out of the Windows. It was so easy to go places with Lexi Alex and Mihael. We all were like that looks cool, let’s check it out and we did. We walked around

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