Mini Merida

We arrived at Arequipa at 6:30 in he morning. Very early morning. The bus ride the night before, I fell asleep pretty quickly and stayed asleep.

We arrived at the bus terminal and it was actually half decent. We grabbed our stuff and hopped in a taxi to our hostel. The hostel looked like a regular neighborhood. It was very early when we arrived so we sat in the common area and recharged for the day. We were pretty close to plaza so we walked over to find breakfast. It was pretty empty but had a Merida feel to it. We sat on the second story of plaza and had tea juice and pancakes that were actually crepes. I would rather go to one nice restaurant a day and snack the rest but they like to do cheap meals the whole day. The cons of traveling in a group. The plaza was also called plaza de armas just like in Cusco and we later learned it was because it was a plaza where there was a battle.

The view from the top was very pretty though. Eventually people started to flood in plaza but it was pretty empty. We toured the large basilica and casa morada and then headed back to the hostel to check in and shower.

After we were showered and ready, we found our way to a free walking tour of Arequipa. We were with a large group because most of the group spoke English. Robbie went with the small group that spoke Spanish. The tour took us to the many churches, the main square, a peak in the museum with Juanita, a peak of the convent, and all around. It was a two and a half an hour tour so I got all of my steps in at the beginning of the day. The tour took us through a great market full of fruit flowers and meat. The meat area was kind of scary because there was so much. It was larger than a football field but in a warehouse.

The tour ended with a pisco sour sample. She gave an extra drink to he person who could name the free tour but no one could do she said she would give it to who ever remembered her name and no one could so we all felt bad. We gave her a tip.

We were pretty hungry after the tour so Pat and I went to a cheap local place. We had nondescript juice and I had a pork sandwich. It was 5 soles so questionable but I didn’t get sick.

After we ate, we headed to the hostel to regroup. Then we headed back out. Robbie didn’t join us because he had to get up early in the morning for his hike up El Misti, the picturesque volcano that shadows over the city. The plaza looked so pretty at night. It was lit up and the fountain was flowing.

When we walked by the plaza they were showing a movie out front with a pop up screeen and a bunch of chairs. It looked like a documentary or something serious.

I found somewhere online for us to go but it was pretty empty. They had a three for 20 soles pisco sunset so Pat and I split and that ment he drank three. It was a nice atmosphere though and once people started to come it was nice. We left as the band was coming. We paid at the table but as we went out the manager ran back after us because he didn’t realize we had paid.

We went to another bar for empanadas and then called it a night. Just my speed.

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