Joining the Convent

Regan Maya and everyone else who has been to Arequipa has told us to make sure we visit the Convent. It is a city within a city. So Pat and I decided it would be our first stop in the morning. I woke up naturally at 6:30 which gave me ample time to lie in bed and write some more of this blog. I went down stairs and had cocoa tea and bread and jam. I tried to take a shower but I couldn’t figure out how to get the hot water working. I would later discover I was turning the wrong knob. It was a dress kind of day so I was pretty excited to look cute.

The convent has brightly colored walls and succulents everywhere. It was a really pretty venue. They have concerts and other events there now. Covento Santa Catalina

It was a working covent for 400 years and now only part of it is real. It is like a maze of many rooms and easy to feel isolated inside. There was one room where a saint stayed in a long time ago but she was recently made a saint in the 80s. Santa Ana

I feel like people could take adorable graduation photos here.

On top of the roof. The mountains are all around us.

We wandered around the convent for quite a while. It is something I could have done all day but not quite pats thing. Pat wanted to chill and see a movie and since I picked the last activity, we hailed a taxi and went to the mall. He was really excited to have a Dunkin but was very sad when it wasn’t the same. We walked around a bit only to discover it was all in Spanish and dubbed over. So we sat down at a cafe with wifi to plan the rest of the day. We walked over to the Mirador de Yanahuara. It is a pretty plaza with views of the city and El Misti. Robbie is hiking el Misti.

We walked to the main square and booked horseback riding tour for the next morning. We walked to San Franisco plaza and shopped around for a bit. It was getting dark so we headed back to the hostel to change into warmer things.

We headed out for dinner but weren’t really that hungry so we just had juice. I couldn’t pick a flavor so I just went with mixed and regrets because it wasn’t that good.

We walked around the city for a bit more and by that time was hungry so we went to this empanada place by our hostel. It wasn’t too late by the time we got home because we were riding in the morning so I had time to download podcasts for the 10 hour bus ride to Paracas the next day.

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