Sand Dunes

We woke up on the bus. They went around with weird bread. It was a bus to Lima with a stop in Ica so we were only one of four getting off. We saw the Cruz del sur station from afar when we were coming in and were like so close. It wasn’t that uncomfortable. Not as bad as a school bus and pretty much the same level as a charter bus we would rent for a field trip.

The bus just kind of dropped us off. We went to the Cruz del sur station to cancel the ride we had fIf the wrong times. The man at the counter was annoyed at us because we had to cancel the bus ride that Pat messed up and we were canceling less than 24 hours before the bus. It wasn’t that big of a deal but the guy that was working would have none of it.

Robbie had a sketchy taxi guy wait for us outside while we figured everything out. Pat waited in the taxi. I guess he was t that sketchy but all in all not ideal. We didn’t cancel my ticket yet because the host was not about that. But we would just do it before our next bus to Lima.

We arrived in Ica which is the “city” by Hichauana. It was dirt roads and really nothing. There was a reason no one stays there. The taxi took us through the city. There was a bunch of signs for a new development everywhere but we didn’t drive past it. I was curious but if we did pass it, it was not recongizable like the ads. It looked like a perfect little green grass playground neighborhood.

Huacachina is a 15 minute drive. It is the oasis in a desert. A little watering hole.
The whole town around it was only a few houses deep. All around the oasis (smaller than the lake in our neighborhood) was little shops and restaurants. But not a lot going on. Our hostel was pretty sweet and right on the water. It had a tropical feel and a cool pool and bar. Travelers were laying by the pool and hammocking.

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