We woke up at a decent hour and had the breakfast provided at the hotel. Bread and jam. Pat and Robbie ordered eggs for extra. Sandra, from the restaurant earlier, was also in charge of the breakfast. Sandra must run the small town to be real. 
We only had an hour and a half till we had to leave so it was just chill time. I found my quality hammock spot and we talked about med school. Well mostly Oat and Robbie. I had no idea so much thought went into the application. I guess it is a whole world I don’t really know about. 
Paula, Tessa and Simone came back from their Ballesta Island tour. They also saw dolphins and it dawned on me that everyone see the Dolphins. So naive. 
We checked out and walked down to the bus station. It was a bit of a walk
Everyone recommended we go to La Lucha. It was a walk around Miraflores but it was pretty to walk around. It is clearly the nice and safe part of Lima and if I had to live in Peru, I would be ok living there. La Lucha reminded me of Portillos. So it was delicious. We all got the La Lucha sandwich which was a nice cut meat on a hot bun with the nice juice coming out. Basically Peruvian Italian beef. We all split fries made of the weird but delicious potatoes. 10/10 would eat again. They had a lot of people working there and apparently it gets really busy. Line out the door. So all of the guys that were there loved to talk to us because it was a weird time. I also had pineapple juice that was to be real out of this world. We ate it up very quickly and I was sad when it was gone but if there was more I couldn’t eat its goodness.

Our next stop was exploring Miraflores a bit more. They have this lovely park on the cliff above the beach. We picked a bench to watch the sunset and the paragliders ride in. It reminded me of California. 

We headed back to the hostel to meet people upstairs in the bar. I tried to convince them to explore elsewhere but there weren’t about that life. We met some interesting people at the rooftop bar though. These two Australian girls, an Australian guy and a weird German guy. One of the Australian girls was clearly high and the other one told me her plan to travel and nanny. The Australian guy was excited to talk about his blog but he says he has like 7 views and I was like lol I have more friends and family reading this. But I didn’t say that. The weird German guy was older than all of us (early 30s?) and into skeptic stuff. He has a Spanish podcast about it. He read the Australian girls Palm and told us how to read them. Weird. 
I wanted to do something. I found a cute jazz bar online but Pat was not about it but he agreed to walk with me down by the park. Golden. The park is just as pretty at night and you can see everything all lit up. There were a bunch of people working out on the trail. A bunch of running groups and then a bunch of really buff guy groups. 
We walked all the way down to the lighthouse. On the way we saw a park that looked like the Park in Barcelona. There is the Kiss statue in the middle of the park just out of my Spanish books. 
After we walked around for a good bit, we headed back to the hostel. Robbie and everyone were done chilling and Pat and Robbiw went to bed. It was only 9:30 so I went downstairs to the cafe right next to our hostel, had shot cocoa, people watched and wrote my blog. Perfect.

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