We booked a tour of Paracas through Bananas hostel. The tour began at 7 and breakfast started at 6:30. It was all running late though because classic. The breakfast was not as quality as the morning before and they didn’t include everything but it was free and very early in the morning. But eggs, tea and jam sound good to me.
A bus came and picked us up a bit late but it was full of oh we people from different hostels. One of the guys was the same one that hiked with Robbie up El Misti. It was an hour drive from Ica to Paracas.
Paracas is a small little beach town that was pretty smelly. A Merritt island kind of smell but worse. It was still early in the morning and very misty. We walked out with the group to he dock. There were taxes for entering the dock and the island that weren’t included in our tour so we had to pay for those while a pushy salesman tried to sell us his morning bread. We would later see him try to sell us empanadas later in the day as well.
The whole crew got on a boat with orange life jackets, there were probably 15 other people on the tour. Our guide and driver introduced themselves. They said everything twice; once in Spanish and once in English.

Boat Tour with the Sand Drawing
The tour started with a lot of fast driving. We were near the front of the boat because we were the last ones in so I moved to sit alone because it was a better view. We stopped in front of the cactus candabra sand drawing first. It is like the Nasca lines but is earlier and not made with rocks. The surrounding mounting protect it from sand storms and now it is only maintained by the people. It was a long boat ride to Islsa Balletas.

The Kissing Penguins Rock
Islas Ballets is the Poor Mans Galapacos Islands. We saw (not blue footed) boobie birds sitting on the rocks. There were a bunch of smaller birds headed off to breakfast in the morning. They fly in waves but there are so many of them. The waves of birds just kept going. Islas Balletas means the arches so we saw the lovely stone red and white arches. The white is from the bird guano. They collect the guano every seven years. There is a man who lives a solitary life on the island. There were only 5 or so little penguins we saw on the trip but they are pretty cute. There were a bunch of sea lions lounging on the rocks as well and if you looked close you could see little crabs as well.

The boat only went through the big arc.on our way back it was still kind of misty and started to rain a bit. Nothing could rain on my parade though. Right before we reached the shore a bunch of dolphins decided to follow us. There was s cute baby and mama pair and at least two more. Everyone was amazed and I was like how blessed am I to live in Florida and really seeing this is no big deal. It is amazing don’t get me wrong but I can go to sea world whenever. Jaded.

Seals and Birds!
We made our way back to the dock and everyone filed out. We had to grab our stuff before everyone because the bus would take everyone back to Ica and we were spending the day in Paracas. Our hostel was a short walk away and pretty much the only thing. It is a classic hostel in the sense it is bunk beds and try’s to sell its fun atmosphere which it did have because it was on the beach.

We dropped off our things and they recommended we went to Sandra’s which was right by the hostel. They had a pretty good lunch deal that included a drink. The owner was actually Sandra and we saw all of these people come and bring her ingredients. There was this cat who kapt following around our table. It sat right under me and tried to come up twice  but I was not about that life. It gave me an evil stare and I hissed at it but it came back. We wanted to be adventurous and get the fish because we were right next to the water but not about that life so we played it safe with chicken. Paula, a Danish girl from the last hostel sat by us and we said hi again before we headed back to our hostel. She was in the same hostel as well.

Bad Cat at Sandra’s
We got back and couldn’t check in so we played cards until we could. Robbie is really good at Egyptain Slap Rat or whatever it is called. It took me a while to catch on and I still wasn’t a fast slapper. Oh well.

We moved all of our stuff in and changed into our suits but it was still pretty cold so I never took off my outfit. We all read by the beach for a while. I tried to walk along the beach but there was a bunch of seaweed and fish and trash. Not ideal. I couldn’t imagine swimming. It was more of a boating fishing beach. I walked down to the other edge though and it didn’t take long. I found a souvenir shop and bought a head band. I moved to the hammock for quite a while. It had a view and moved well in the wind and got the right amount of sun.

My Favorite Spot
I finished the booking had been working on and took a quick shower before dinner. The book is Summer at Tiffanys. It is a memoir about a girls summer in New York in 1945. I bought it at the Friends of the Library sale for $1 and kept it because the girl was in kappa an di joint that was cute. It was a very light read. Once I was done with it, I added it to the book swap library. The girl at the desk was excited because it was the only English book in there. I hope someone else enjoys the light beach read. I should have left a note in it for someone else to find. Regrets.

Paula joined us to watch the sunset and two other girls Tessa and Simmone from Holland saw the very end. It was very pretty with the Pelicans as black spots in the water.

Beautiful Sunset
After the sunset, we all went out to a pizza place. It was the night before Robbie’s birthday so we’re all pumped. I split a mini pizza and tacos with Paula. She is a vegetarian and an anthology major and 23. She had been traveling for four weeks through Peru by herself. I would be so lonely if I did that.

The pizza place was a load of fun because Tessa and Simmone were characters. They brought out a free shot for Robbie and we tipped the singers to play happy birthday to him. Pat was coughing up a storm so the waiter made him try tea with a shot of pisco. It was a good time.

The Pizza was a popping place
On the walk home we ran into one of those bicycle bar things. I was surprised they had one because to be real there was nothing else in the whole town. It was too expensive so Robbie didn’t want to do it. We played ping pong for a bit with everyone back at the hostel and then we all tried to figure out hostels for the next night. We were all headed to Lima the next day but all picked different hostels.

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