Bar Harbor and Baby’s Birthday

August 4, 2017

We woke up in Augusta, Maine in a classic Marriott. We had to get moving early to get to breakfast were I had granola and yogurt. Whenever I have granola and yogurt, I think of Kappa. It is crazy to see how fast the year has gone by! I will be back at school in less than a week.

It was Rosie’s Birthday! Yay! This baby is 12! We stopped at a Walmart to restock our lunch meat and pick up birthday crown for Rosie.

It was another hour and a half until we reached Acadia. Lots of pretty tall and pretty trees. I love the birch and the trees that seem to shimmer and shake in the wind. Every house we seemed to pass was a white shingled house with black or navy shutters. Classic Maine. It reminded me of Mrs Nancy.

We first stopped at the St. Thomas visitor center thinking it was the actual center but it was so small. It was big enough to stamp our park passports and get a map. We continued onward to the park. The interesting thing about Acadia is that it isn’t really isolated. There are houses and the land doesn’t seem as connected.

We traveled along the main loop to the visitors center. It was a bustling place. People from all over the world. The visitor center was up a large set of stairs. They had signs displaying cairns along the path. They are piles of stone marking the trail and pointing in the right direction. We have been calling them wigwams the whole trip.What scrubs. The visitor center was not grand at all but they have a cool bus system provided by llbean. We stamped our national park passports again and talked to the ranger about hikes. He recommended beehive and ladder trail because I wanted to do the trails with the rods and irons. As we left mom ran back in and asked if he knew a good place to picnic nearby. He didn’t understand and said there were tables in the parking lot.

We all piled in the car

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