Tips for Maine

So I have been to Portland twice, once with friend and now with the fam. There isn’t that much to do in the town but it was fun to explore for a day. I did a trolley tour that showed us some of the houses and took us out to the lighthouse. Portland Headlight is a really large pretty lighthouse. It was my first lighthouse so I was pretty pumped. We did a part of the cliff walk but didn’t have unlimited time because we were on a tour. They have an area were you can grab any tour. We were tempted to do a whale tour or lobster tour but we didn’t have a car. We had a lobster roll at Evertide which is a very trendy bar restaurant. It was small but cute. Duck fat looked cute too but we didn’t end up there. But they weren’t family places so we didn’t go there with my fam. After dinner, we went and explored the downtown shops and had ice cream (I love the black raspberry ice cream with brown jimmies). Lot of ice cream shops and little stores that were fun to explore. When I went with my fam, we went to chowder house but it wasn’t that good. There were a lot more people because it was more in the season. We drove up to Augusta and just stayed there over night before driving to Acadia the next morning. There was a lot of traffic the closer we got to the park. Parking in the park can generally be hard and takes dedication of stalking spaces but we managed. They have a bus service for free to take you all around. 

We entered through St Thomas island and got out at their visitor center but it was the wrong one. They have picnicing but we didn’t end up using it. The main visitor center has Rangers and maps.

Cadillac mountain was a nice drive and pretty on the top. We went back to the top at 5 in the morning to watch the sunrise and I thought it was really worth it. We ate at the top of the mountain without a table but it is windy and the views ore perfect. 

We did quite a few hikes. 

The Ladder trail was a lot of fun. Park at Canon Brooke trailhead which is by the French sounding spring area. Take the trail up though a cool planks around the marsh before getting to the ladder trail which is a bunch of granite steps and then rods and ladders. We didn’t get to complete the trail and had to head back down because we started it too late. 

Bar harbor is really cute. Lots of shirt shops and ice cream. We ate at Stewart’s which is on the water and it was good. The next night my family ate at the Irish bar right across the street with live music but I just had ice cream. They have a lot of pretty parks and green spaces. 

The next day we played at sandy beach and did the beehive trail. I loved his one. Lots of climbing and you get to see the ocean. 10/10. It only took us 45 mins so not bad but there are a lot of people so you have to wait to get up certain parts. On the way down we did a different trail down but my mom did the bowl trail and said it was pretty. If you want to do a beach, also try echo lake. It was less crowded and pretty much just as pretty but smaller. 

We did Beech Cliff Trail while we were at Echo lake trail too. It had three tall ladder and was a fun trail but the other two were better. 

We did bubble rock trail to see bubble rock and it was a nice trail. It is the rock that 

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