Springtime in Paris, South African Summer, and California Dreaming

I have all of my flights booked and ready!

Spring break adventures started with small plans to go hiking. I worked over winter break and started a new job this semester so I thought go big or go home. Go big. Paris. Mary, Bridget, Jack, and I will be traveling in Paris from March 4 – March 11. A cousin abroad trip! The group dynamic will be great because we are the cousin pairs so we wont get too annoyed with each other. Jack will come up with the jokes and quips, Bridget will take us to the artsy places and come up with puns, Mary will keep us safe, on track, and headed towards exciting adventures, and I will go with the flow and make everyone happy. We are each planning a day now so everything should run smoothly. We haven’t picked a hotel yet but it should be in the works too.


Whenever I see anything Paris related, I send it to Mary

I finish exams on April 25 and I should have a bit of time before I head off to South Africa with the Lombardis. I routing through London on April 27 and meeting Madi so we can fly together. She is spending a bit of extra time in London during the beginning of her trip. South Africa will be April 29-May 22. We have a basic itinerary but once the real one comes out, I will post it. It will be a fun time but probably a touch of good drama because it is my class and the year below. I am not tight with the year below so we will see. I know I always have Madi and most of the time Mihael so life will go pretty well. Traveling with the Bardis without Ariana will be sad.

After South Africa, Madi and I are routed back through London on May 21 and we will explore London until May 26. Then I am on a plane to Venice and meeting Mom, Dad, Anna, Uncle Joe, and Uncle Tim for a Greek cruise. The cruise is Italy, Greece, and Croatia. My actual dream.

But wait there is more.

After the cruise, I have a day back at home and then I am flying to Oakland, CA for my internship with Kittelson. I will intern from June 7-August 18. It is an amazing opportunity and I love to explore. It will take a bit to get my feet on the ground over there but I am sure I will have a blast exploring the San Fran area!


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