Concrete!? Yah it Cracks

March 16-19, 2017

ASCE 2017 Southeast Student Conference 

After a night of working on the presentation the whole night, I showered and threw things into a bag and Alex drove me to the ODone because I had so much stuff. I called the bus driver but no reply. After waiting 40 mins and calling his supervisor, Josh called me and asked where everyone was because he was on the bus and it was apparently around the corner. 

As a person in charge of conference it was very long but still enjoyable. It would have been super fun if I didn’t do canoe at the same time. 

After fun days of competition the highlights were, finally exploring FAU, swimming in the pool at the hotel and handing out the paper plate awards on the way home. 

So for canoe, the impossible happened. We failed our swamp test. The moment seemed to stop when it didn’t come up. Apparently there was a micro crack in the bow where the foam was. I know what Mary needed so I tried to get everyone out of the way.

All in all, successful conference. Ryan and I were excited on the way home and started to plan for conference next year when we host it.

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