Planes for Days

After packing everything (hopefully) and grabbing a few essentials from Walmart, I made it to the airport. I was flying to JFK then London then South Africa. The Orlando flight was delayed 30 mins because of wind at JFK. Eventually I made it on. I sat next to an Irish family on their way home from vacation. Not the comfiest but somehow I slept through most of it. 

Upon arriving in JFK, we were a bit late so I was worried about making my next flight. I think that I am a pretty good traveler but I had no idea where the connecting flight was. A whole different terminal. I asked and someone pointed me in the right direction. There was a man in front of me asking for the same flight so we started to chat. We took at least 5 escalators, a not clearly marked tram, and security again to get to the right place. It was nice because I was with someone else from my flight so I knew they weren’t going to leave me. Jeff, my running through the airport pal, is a 40ish real estate Orlando guy. He was on his way to London to play soccer and golf with some buddies. It was pretty packed to get on the plane. 

I forgot it was cold everywhere but Florida still. 

I was in the middle seat on the flight to London so I was kind of bummed but it wasn’t a full flight so I had the whole row to myself. I read our South Africa textbook a bit and fell asleep listening to Moana.

I arrived in London and waited for Madi to get to my terminal so we can spend the day in Windsor.

3 thoughts on “Planes for Days

  1. Joe says:

    Travel from multiple airports and between multiple countries is not always fun but somehow you made it seem like quite an adventure. Good for you! Can’t wait to see more and read about your excursions .
    Be safe, love uncle Joe and uncle Tim.


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