Waiting and Windsor

I waited for an hour right before the boarder for Madi’s flight to come in. I got in at 7 and Madi got in at 8. I wanted to make sure we were still going with the plan to go to Windsor before leaving the airport. Once I got the go ahead from Madi I went through.

But she was at a different terminal with her bag so we had a bit of a delay. Windsor is only 15 mins away from the airport so we split an Uber to the castle. Our driver was Romanian and made fun of us for not knowing any languages.

We toured the castle first. It felt like it was going to rain but it didn’t. 

I thought it was so interesting that the planes were so close after the castle.

We made our way to the airport and checked in with plenty of time. We walked around the whole airport and saw all of the shops and such. The flight was completely full and we made our way on. The lady next to me order a Bloody Mary and I was shook. The old man next to me was going home to Swaziland. He is from England but has been living there for 30 years.

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