Lazy Day in the Garden

Today was a holiday, May Day, so the University was closed to students but they let us in for our class. Madi and I had a quick breakfast and we all walked together to the University of Pretoria (UP). There was only one entrance open. There is a lot of political unrest in South Africa and universities are a hot topic. Last year, they closed down UP for student protests. They were demanding more funding from the government. They shut down the campus for a semester and the students had to do things online. Now there is very tight security. 

We walked through campus and will do a campus tour on Thursday. The building where we had class was a tall capsule window building. To get to the 18 floor where we had class, we went to the elevator room and each person had to type in the floor they were going to. It then told you what elevator to go in. 

Our history of South Africa class is lead by a really well spoken British South African women professor. The first lecture was on early hominids and pre colonial Africa. There were the San (bushmen), Khoikhoi (cattlemen), and Bantu (farmers).  After the lecture, we all went home to regroup and then everyone headed out to the mall (seemingly a lot of mall time but it is the central area where things are) to get lunch. Madi didn’t like Greek food so we joined the class of boys below us for an American lunch. I had chicken salad. Omnomnom. Unlike Peru and Mexico, there isn’t a food that everywhere in South Africa. They do have traditional dishes but it is not the food we really see in the town. We walked into the mall a bit to find a frisbee and soccer ball and got very lost. I would equate it to the Florida mall but more levels and maze like. 

Photo by Aby

The evening everyone gathered to play a drinking game. They played ring of fire and Bailey jumped into the pool and took off her shirt and Madi Eli and I were like yep we are out. So we real talked in her house. We talked about counciling, Madi’s home, life, and relationships. It was a long talk with some tears but a good talk. It is crazy to see how far we have come. I trust what they say and we are so much closer and deeper now than we were in Mexico.

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