Botanical University 

Madi and I finally got up on time and had sufficient breakfast. I walked into a conversation between Eli and Mihael that I think was about me so I was like k cool. 

At school we learned about the South African wars and setting up apartheid. During the South African wars, the boers (Dutch) fought against the British. It was the one of the first examples of concentration camps. The amount of struggle this country has been through.  Shoot.

The class ended a bit early so we could go on a tour of the campus. They normally do the campus tour earlier in the trip but it was kind of messed up because of May Day Holiday. The University of Pretoria has 50,000 students (same as UF) but it is a lot more population dense I think. The students are more lounging around campus and laying on the grass.
Plaza of Americas equivalent in Pretoria  

We started the campus tour by going to the oldest building. It is in the center of campus so there has to be a clearance of visibility of the structure. The way they got around the rule is by making one of the buildings 1st story all glass. There was a large museum and restoration lab in the old building. The Golden Rhino display had just returned from England. It is from a sacred mountain where they buried their fancy ppl. The building also had a room filled with Asian pottery. Golden RhinoAfrican Pottery Exhibit  

We walked around the whole campus and saw the different department buildings. There is a whole engineers only study place! There was also a really pretty pond water collection areas with lotus flowers. We walked up five stories of a random building to find the camera obscura. Unfortunately no pics because it was too hard to take pics of a cool optics trick. Through a series of mirrors and lens, a live version of what was happening outside was protected on the round flat table in the middle of the room. Our guide turned the lens and pulled a string to make it move and zoom in and out. It was so neat to see a life moving projection of what was happening in the outside. The leaves would blow, cars would move, and people would walk around. There was one story of a student finding her cheating boyfriend using the camera. So cool. 

Camera Obsucra. Link on image
We walked around the pretty campus a bit more and ended up in the campus pub for lunch. They had picnic tables for everyone to sit but it was rather confusing because they are not normally used to having a group of 20 come up and order food. It took a while for it to come out and they couldn’t find where we were sitting and at this point is was 3 and we were starving. It was meh but to be expected from where we where.

Half of the group went home and another part went to the botanical gardens but were too fast. So the stragglers went on our own journey to the gardens. Madi Ama Eli Schiley and Mihael headed in the right direction after asking around. We met this nice group of girls who showed us the way. The girl I was speaking with was Afrikaans from Pretoria. She was studying to become a highschool biology teacher. We compared our campus lifestyles and she was super sweet. The gardens were nice but they had silence signs all over which I thought was a bit weird. We went to their plaza equilent and laid in the grass as Mihael snuck into the engineering study area. He came back with a few pics to show the group. Botanical Garden on Campus. The animal prints are a running trail.

After hanging around the campus for a bit longer, we walked home played around for a bit and ordered take out. We all went over to the girls house and ordered together.

Duran was in charge of the nightlife. He used tinder to talk to locals and find out what was popping in town. After discussing possibilities, we met at the boys house for the group to pre before going out. We went to Anklas at night. It is a bar by Kung Fu Kitchen that has a smoky outdoor area, pool tables and picnic tables where people would dance on top. At first it wasn’t really anything. It was half full with smoke outside and loud 90s music inside. I had a savannah dry and eventually good music came on and a few peeps started dancing. The night got going and everyone started dancing on the tables. I danced on the table for the last 10 mins and at midnight we decided to head out. Schiley and x and matt walked the girls home from our fun night out.

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